WWE RAW Results: July 28, 2014

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The 1105th edition of WWE Monday Night RAW came to you, live, from the Toyota Center in Houston, TX. After the huge announcement was made last week that none other than “The Beast” Brock Lesnar will serve as The Authority’s “Plan C” at SummerSlam when he challenges John Cena for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at “The Biggest Event of the Summer”, John Cena’s reign as WWE World Heavyweight Champion is certainly in jeopardy and, for the first time since the major announcement was made, John Cena would appear on RAW to address his SummerSlam challenger!

Also, after WWE Principal Owner Stephanie McMahon slapped former WWE employee Brie Bella in the front row during last week’s RAW, Brie would press charges against Stephanie, resulting in the Principal Owner being arrested for battery in front of the world! One week removed from one of the most humiliating nights in her life, Stephanie McMahon would be live on RAW and she has invited Brie Bella to confront her in the middle of the ring! What kind of revenge will the WWE Principal Owner have in mind for the ex-employee? Without a job and with nothing to lose, will Brie Bella set out to embarrass Stephanie McMahon for the second week in a row?

Match Results

  • Non-Title: John Cena def. Cesaro by pin following the Attitude Adjustment off of the top rope.
  • 6-Man Tag: Dolph Ziggler & The Usos def. The Miz & RybAxel by Dolph Ziggler pinning Ryback following the Zig Zag.
  • R-Truth def. Bo Dallas by roll-up.
  • Adam Rose def. Damien Sandow by pin following the Party Foul.
  • Diego (with El Torito, Layla, & Summer Rae) def. Fandango by roll-up.
  • Naomi & Natalya def. Cameron & Alicia Fox by Cameron tapping out to Naomi’s modified leg scissors.
  • Chris Jericho and Seth Rollins fight to a No Contest after The Wyatt Family appears.

Detailed Results

For the first time since learning last week that he will defend the WWE World Heavyweight Title against “The Beast” Brock Lesnar in three weeks at SummerSlam, RAW kicks off with WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena. Cena says that, normally, he would cheer their enthusiasm, but he found out last week that “Plan C” was a plan he hoped he would never see and that is Brock Lesnar. “The Champ” continues, saying that The Authority wants the WWE World Heavyweight Championship off of him so badly that they hired a “mercenary” in Brock Lesnar. Cena then admits that there is a good portion of the world that wants to see Brock “beat the hell” out of him, saying that he is certainly not deaf and he knows who his opponent is. Cena continues, saying that Lesnar destroys “who he wants, when he wants” and there have been 40 men who have been the WWE Champion, but there is only one “beast” that has defeated the streak of The Undertaker. The champion then says that he will get the “beating of a lifetime” at SummerSlam, but he will not lay down and he will “fight” because he is going to SummerSlam to beat Brock Lesnar just like he did the first time they faced each other in 2012. Cena continues, saying that he is the only one who can “stop” Brock Lesnar because no one can “control” Brock Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar’s advocate, Paul Heyman, then comes out, saying that, at SummerSlam, Brock Lesnar will “conquer” John Cena and take away the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Heyman continues, saying that Cena is about to be turned into a “victim” as Cena has been defeated before, but he has never been “victimized”, telling Cena to ask The Undertaker what it is like to be victimized. Heyman then says that Cena cannot ask The Undertaker because no one has seen or heard from The Undertaker since Brock Lesnar defeated the streak at WrestleMania. Heyman continues, saying that Cena is on the “defensive” while Lesnar is on the “offensive” and Brock Lesnar is going to “ruthlessly” victimize John Cena. Heyman then says that the only thing that Lesnar is “passionate” about is destroying people and, after SummerSlam, all Cena is going to be is “beaten, victimized, conquered”. Cena says that even Heyman can understand “passion”, saying that, every so often, the fans will chant “ECW” and that ignites the passion in the “black heart” of Paul Heyman. Cena continues, saying that Brock Lesnar has no “passion” for anything but himself and Brock may beat the hell out of him at SummerSlam, but Lesnar will have to beat every last breath out of him to take the WWE World Heavyweight Title away from him. Former Paul Heyman Guy Cesaro then comes out, awkwardly hugging his former manager and, as Heyman’s face transforms from bewilderment to glee, Cesaro says that, even though he and Heyman have went their separate ways, he will not stand by while Cena insults his “friend”. Cesaro then says that Cena is a “big, muscled-up, walking billboard”, telling Cena that he can’t even wrestle before challenging the WWE World Heavyweight Champion to a match right now! John Cena gladly accepts the challenge, saying that it will be his honor to “wrestle circles” around Cesaro in the middle of the ring.

In an impromptu match requested by Cesaro, “The Swiss Superman” Cesaro would go one-on-one with WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena in a non-title match. In an intense match that saw Cesaro counter John Cena at every turn, “The Champ” would spot an opening when Cesaro climbed to the top rope as Cena quickly hooks Cesaro, hitting the Attitude Adjustment off of the top rope en route to picking up a hard-fought victory.

Backstage, a conversation between WWE COO Triple H and his wife Stephanie is interrupted by Randy Orton, who confronts the COO looking for answers, saying that the plan was for him to face John Cena at SummerSlam, but he gets attacked by Roman Reigns, so Brock Lesnar gets his title shot. “The Viper” then orders Triple H to change the match at SummerSlam, demanding that he face John Cena for the title instead of Brock Lesnar. The COO says that “plans change” and he is not going to change the match at SummerSlam because, as long as Roman Reigns is in the picture, Randy Orton will never be able to get a shot at the title. Triple H continues, saying that, as long as Roman Reigns is a factor, Orton will not receive a title shot because Reigns will just mess it up. The COO then tells “The Viper” that, if he wants a shot at the title, then he better “finish off” Roman Reigns! Randy Orton then vows that he is going to put an end to Roman Reigns tonight before Triple H informs Orton that Roman Reigns has a match tonight against Kane. Orton says that he has a problem with Kane and he has a problem with Roman Reigns, but now it looks like he also has a “problem” with Triple H!

After the betrayal of her supposed “friend”, AJ Lee, on last week’s RAW, former champion Paige would make an appearance on RAW to explain her actions. Paige says that she let her emotions get the better of her and, last week, she “crossed a line” by attacking AJ Lee, but she will “never” act that way again. This brings out Divas Champion AJ Lee, saying that she knows what it’s like to have the Divas Title taken away from her and she doesn’t play “little girl games”. AJ Lee continues, saying that she doesn’t smile to someone’s face then whisper behind their back and, if she wants to “talk crap” about someone, she will do it to their face like a “real woman”. Paige argues that she is AJ’s “real friend”, but if AJ doesn’t believe her, then AJ must be “crazy”. Enraged by her least favorite word in the English language, the Divas Champion glares at Paige and asks her to repeat herself, but Paige says that she did not mean to call her that word, saying that she would never make fun of AJ’s “mental health”. However, AJ doesn’t buy Paige’s argument as the Divas Champion takes Paige as AJ pummels Paige in and out of the ring before Paige is able to create separation between the two. Paige then retreats up the ramp as AJ Lee places the Divas Title in the ring, daring Paige to “come and get it”.

The Authority then make their way to the ring as WWE COO Triple H leads his wife, WWE Principal Owner Stephanie McMahon, to the ring. Triple H addresses the fans, saying that they have spent a lot of time together, but he has never been more “disappointed” in them than he was last week. The COO says that he was “disgusted” by them last week when they laughed at his wife, Stephanie, when she was arrested and hauled off to jail like a “common criminal”. Triple H continues, saying that he will “never forgive” them for that, saying that Brie Bella “antagonized” Stephanie and she was just “defending herself”, adding that Brie was “asking for it”. Triple H then says it was just a “simple misunderstanding”, revealing that all of the charges were dropped with the exception of the “assault and battery charge”, saying that Brie Bella refuses to drop that charge. Triple H then explains that they have asked Brie Bella there tonight so they can put the whole incident behind them before handing over the microphone to Stephanie. Through chants of “jailbird” from the fans in attendance, a teary-eyed Stephanie asks Brie Bella to come to the ring. However, the person that did come out was an individual that both Triple H & Stephanie have a long history with, Chris Jericho. Jericho says that he wanted to come out there and give Stephanie his “sympathies” with a song before singing the theme song from the show, Cops, “Bad Boys”, accompanied by the singing of the Houston fans. Jericho then tells Stephanie that, nowadays, “orange is the new black” and it is perfectly acceptable to be a “jailbird”. Jericho continues, saying that, with the WWE Network, they can relive Stephanie’s humiliating night last week over and over again! Triple H says that he is not in the “mood”, but Jericho does not let up, saying that Triple H has stood by his “little flower” through all of this, asking the COO why he waited until fifteen minutes after RAW was over to tend to his wife at the local police station. Jericho then provides the answer to his own question, saying that Triple H might finally be coming to the conclusion that they all came to a long time ago, that Stephanie is nothing more than a “filthy, dirty, brutal, bottom-feeding, trash bag hoe”, but Triple H cuts Jericho off, saying that Jericho should be focused on Bray Wyatt. Jericho says that he is focused on Bray Wyatt and he wants to face Bray Wyatt right now, but the COO tells “Y2J” that he will have to wait until SummerSlam to get his hands on Bray Wyatt because he has a different plan in mind for Chris Jericho tonight. With that, Seth Rollins blasts Chris Jericho in the back of the head with the Money-in-the-Bank briefcase before Triple H announces that, tonight, Jericho will go one-on-one with Seth Rollins.

In a mash-up of two budding rivalries, a big 6-Man Tag Match would take place on RAW as “The Show-Off” Dolph Ziggler would team with WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos to face the team of Intercontinental Champion The Miz and RybAxel. During the match, the newly aligned trio of Xavier Woods, Big E, & Kofi Kingston make their way to ringside. At the end of a wild match, it was Dolph Ziggler hitting the Zig Zag on Ryback en route to picking up the win for himself and The Usos.

The “inspirational” Bo Dallas was in action on RAW as the undefeated Bo Dallas went one-on-one with R-Truth. After a speech about the string of losses in R-Truth’s career, Bo Dallas’ words would come back to haunt him in their match as, in the middle of the match, Bo Dallas would take his victory lap around ringside. This act of confidence would cost Bo Dallas because, as soon as Bo Dallas came back into the ring, R-Truth would surprise Dallas with a roll-up, pinning Bo Dallas to pick up the win and end Bo Dallas’ undefeated streak! After the match, Bo Dallas’ shock would turn into apparent humbleness as Bo tells R-Truth that he can’t “bo-lieve” that R-Truth was the one to end his undefeated streak, but when Truth takes his eyes off of Bo Dallas for a moment, Bo shows his true colors as Bo Dallas hits R-Truth in the side of the head with the microphone. Bo Dallas then picks R-Truth up, repeatedly clotheslining R-Truth in the corner before planting R-Truth in the center of the ring with a double-arm DDT. Despite the loss, Bo Dallas would still take a victory lap with a smile on his face.

“The Hero of the Russian Federation” Rusev and “The Ravishing Russian” Lana would appear on RAW, running down America in their typical fashion before they are interrupted by “The Real American” Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter. Colter says that, to a real American, the American flag represents a family sitting around a table enjoying Thanksgiving dinner, it represents a family watching football together, and it represents “pretty girls” and “beer”. Zeb says that, to him, Old Glory represents the soldiers that have died for their country and, every time Lana insults America, she insults those who have served the United States. Colter then leads the crowd in saying “we the people” before Jack Swagger spots Rusev exiting the ring and rushes in to fight “The Super Athlete”. However, Rusev would gain the advantage, tossing Swagger into the ringside barricade, but when Rusev goes for the Accolade in the ring, Swagger nearly gets the Patriot Lock locked in on Rusev. Rusev would manage to slip away from Swagger, leaving Swagger & Colter standing tall in the ring while Rusev & Lana retreat.

Dressed as a NASA astronaut, Damien Sandow would go one-on-one with the leader of The Exotic Express, Adam Rose, on RAW. However, after Damien Sandow tries to attack Adam Rose before the match, the match would officially get underway and Adam Rose would waste little time in hitting the Party Foul on Sandow en route to picking up the win.

RAW was set to feature a one-on-one match between Roman Reigns and Kane, but Randy Orton would ambush Roman Reigns in the crowd. However, Roman Reigns would fight back, taking out Orton on the outside before going to work on Kane on the inside, but the two-on-one disadvantage would take its toll on Roman Reigns. Reigns would manage to take Orton down with the Superman Punch, but he would find himself in the clutches of Kane, who plants Reigns with a chokeslam. Kane then exits the ring, leaving a vulnerable Roman Reigns to Randy Orton. “The Viper” would immediately go to work on Roman Reigns, stomping away at the chest of Reigns before delivering several kicks to the chest, knocking Roman to the outside. Orton then sends Roman Reigns into the steel steps before picking Roman up and sending him into the other set of steel steps. Orton then positions Reigns on top of the ringside barricade, planting Roman with the suspended DDT on the arena floor. “The Viper” then dismantles the steel steps, smashing Roman’s face into the lower half of the steps before clearing off the announce table. Orton then screams, “You cost me my title shot” before he again smashes the face of a barely conscious Roman Reigns into the steel steps, dragging Reigns to the exposed announce table, dropping Roman with the RKO on the table! However, “The Viper” would pick Roman Reigns up again, delivering a second RKO, this time breaking the announce table! Orton then tells the motionless Roman Reigns that what just happened to him is what happens when someone “steals” a title shot from him.

In their continued quest for payback against Fandango, Layla & Summer Rae would join El Torito at ringside as Diego went one-on-one with Fandango. During the match, Fandango would climb to the top rope, but El Torito would climb to the top on the opposite corner, distracting Fandango and, with El Torito riding in the shoulders of Layla & Summer Rae, Fandango would take his focus off of Diego. Diego would then surprise Fandango with a roll-up, picking up the win. After the match, El Torito would gore Fandango below the belt, making it a terrible night for the dancing Superstar.

In Divas tag action, Naomi would team with Natalya to face her former friend and tag partner, Cameron, who would team with Alicia Fox. In the end, Naomi would use a modified leg scissors on Cameron, making her former friend tap out to pick up the win for herself and Natalya.

In a match made earlier in the night by WWE COO Triple H, “Y2J” Chris Jericho would go one-on-one with “Mr. Money-in-the-Bank” Seth Rollins for the first time ever on RAW. During the match, Chris Jericho would hit the Codebreaker on Seth Rollins, but that is when The Wyatt Family would appear as Bray Wyatt would lead a three-on-one assault on Chris Jericho. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan would beat “Y2J” down before offering Jericho to their leader, who plants his SummerSlam opponent with the Sister Abigail in the middle of the ring.

After her first attempt to settle things with Brie Bella was ruined by Chris Jericho earlier in the night, WWE Principal Owner Stephanie McMahon would again make her way to the ring to call Brie Bella to the ring. Stephanie says that she stands before them as a “humbled woman”, saying that she represents four generations of the McMahon family and she represents WWE, saying that her arrest last week has affected her “personally and professionally”. Stephanie continues, saying that her children are “scarred for life” as a result of what happened last week. However, Stephanie’s speech was cut short when she spots Brie Bella arriving through the crowd. Brie then gets in the ring and wastes no time in letting Stephanie know how she feels, saying that Stephanie invited her there, asking her former boss if she is going to get to the point or is she going to just stand there like a “whiny, sniveling, little rich bitch”! Stephanie says that she invited Brie there to ask her to drop the charges, saying that she does not “deserve” any of this. Brie argues that, as far as she is concerned, Stephanie deserves to go to “hell”. Stephanie then tries to negotiate with Brie, vowing to treat her sister Nikki with the upmost fairness, but Brie doesn’t think that is good enough, so Stephanie offers to give Nikki Bella a raise. Brie says that she can accept that, but only if Stephanie agrees to all of her demands! Brie then tells the Principal Owner that she wants her job back, but Stephanie says that she is trying to be “reasonable”, saying that one Bella in WWE is “enough”. However, when Brie says that she will see Stephanie in court, Stephanie calls Brie back.

Stephanie then confirms that, if she gives Brie her job back, then Brie will drop the charges and Brie confirms this, so Stephanie accepts Brie’s deal! Stephanie then tries to leave, but Brie says that there is one more thing that she wants, saying that she wants a match at SummerSlam. The simplicity of this request brings a smile to the face of the Principal Owner, asking Brie if she wants a shot at the Divas Championship or if she wants a “Total Divas Spectacular”, but Brie says that the match she wants at SummerSlam is against Stephanie! Surprised at the request, Stephanie says that she has not competed in the ring in over ten years and she has dedicated her life to her career and to being a wife and mother. Stephanie then says that she will give Nikki Bella a raise and she will give Brie her job back and give her a match at SummerSlam, but pleads with Brie to choose someone else as her opponent. However, Brie refuses to give in, saying that she will not drop the charges unless Stephanie agrees to the match. Stephanie says that her request is “unfair” and, on the verge of tears, Stephanie says that she can’t wrestle, asking how Brie expects her to compete. Stephanie continues, saying that she refuses to “lower” herself to getting in the ring with Brie Bella to which Brie again says that she will see Stephanie in court. The Principal Owner again keeps Brie from leaving, making sure that, if she agrees to the match at SummerSlam, then all the charges will be dropped. Brie gives her word that she will drop all of the charges if Stephanie agrees to her terms. With the pain visible on her face, Stephanie squeaks out that, yes, she will face Brie Bella in a match at SummerSlam! Stephanie then reveals her whole teary-eyed, fearful demeanor was all a ploy as she slaps Brie Bella across the face, knocking Brie to the arena floor! Stephanie then tells Brie that, at SummerSlam, she is going to make Brie her “bitch”! Stephanie then mocks Brie’s husband, Daniel Bryan, with her own “Yes” chant, but Brie Bella storms back into the ring, taking Stephanie down, sparking a fight between the SummerSlam opponents. Agents then rush out, trying to break up the fight, but Brie Bella and Stephanie refuse to be held back until Triple H comes out to contain his wife as agents have to drag Stephanie out of the ring to create separation between Stephanie and Brie!

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WWE RAW Results: July 28, 2014

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