[GamerTell] The Walking Dead shouldn’t get a third season

The Walking Dead was, for its first season, one of the best games of the year, and for superb reasons. The idea of a third season should be greeted with huzzahs. But, truthfully, the second season is showing some considerable wear, and that might make for a bad, bad third.

Simply put, find me a single human being who didn’t curse Kenny in the last episode of The Walking Dead Season 2 for being a smug, self-pitying jackass. Oh, gee, Kenny, you lost your family and people you loved to zombies? Wow. That’s a unique experience that nobody else around you has ever had. This is really a problem across all the characters this season. By the time we find out a certain character has had his clock well and truly punched, I wasn’t remotely sorry to see him go. He or she had been too whiny and wallowing in their own misery the whole time. Similarly, every time they reminisced about somebody who wound up dead, I found myself thinking “Good! I don’t miss that guy! He sucked!”

The same is true of the rest of The Walking Dead Season 2‘s cast. One of this season’s biggest flaws is that all of these supposedly grown and capable adults are following a preteen around or listening to her as the voice of reason. This was done by Telltale so it makes sense for Clementine to be the protagonist, but there are only so many dumb decisions and scornful responses to your decisions you can take before you kind of decide that maybe these morons aren’t worth saving.

There’s perhaps one good thing about The Walking Dead Season 3. It probably won’t be following Clementine and frankly, that’s a good thing. Poor Clem needs a break from being the only competent person around.

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[GamerTell] The Walking Dead shouldn’t get a third season

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