[GamerTell] Holy Steam Refunds, Batman: Arkham Knight is broken on PC

by on June 23, 2015 at 3:00 pm

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Arkham-KnightThe PC port for one of 2015’s biggest titles is a buggy mess that has Steam’s new refund policy working in overdrive. Among the problems are the Batmobile causing the frame rate to drop, constant stuttering and worst of all, the game getting deleted when attempting to verify the game cache. Any one of those things is bad, them all happening in the same title is disastrous.

Reviews on Steam are mostly negative, and of course plenty of users are taking advantage of the recent changes to refund policy. You can submit a refund request for any game you have played for less than two hours for two weeks after purchasing it.

Rocksteady’s community manager has released a statement on its forums saying it’s working with its PC support partner on the problem. The Arkham Knight credits list Iron Galaxy as the provider of PC support. This is the second horrible port of a major title this year for Warner, as

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