[GamerTell] E3 2015: Hands-on demos at Nintendo's Best Buy Access event

Ever since it was announced at last year’s E3 Digital Direct, I’ve only really kept Super Mario Maker (formerly Mario Maker) in the back of my mind. As novel as it seemed, the idea of making my own Mario levels never really grabbed me, probably because I never played any of the New Super Mario Bros. series that took advantage of their hardware to usher in new gameplay ideas. That changed yesterday, when I got my hands on the Super Mario Maker demo at Best Buy’s Nintendo Access event.

I witnessed a lot of diversity in Super Mario Maker‘s myriad of pre-made levels. The stage I saw the most was themed around being a Legend of Zelda dungeon, using Bob-ombs to destroy blocks and taking a Goomba’s shoe to defend against obstacles while descending into a pit. The only stage I personally played was a level featuring Monty Moles and Bob-ombs. The pace of the level changed from slow while waiting for Koopa shells and Bob-ombs to destroy walls, to fast when Bob-ombs threatened to destroy the ground I needed to jump on. The whole level seemed designed around throwing me for a loop by changing the pace on a dime. It was neat to see such a big shift in design dictated by the enemy choice. super-mario-maker-zelda

If the Access Event is made to get people hyped for new games then it worked: I’m pretty darn excited for Super Mario Maker now. I originally decided I’d pick up a Wii U when I heard that Fatal Frame 5 was going to get localized, but Super Mario Maker is definitely a game I’ll want to check out now. I’m not completely sold on changing into other Nintendo characters, perhaps because I didn’t see enough of them to see how they affect gameplay.

The other game on display at the Access event was the recently announced The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes. This three-player game was demoed with a trio of New 3DS XL consoles conveniently provided at the Access event. I love cooperative gameplay, especially when it’s not solely based around combat and Zelda turned out to be no exception. Most of the gameplay is recycled from Four Swords, but the addition of a totem stance to reach faraway or high up switches was interesting, especially combined with using items to perform complex functions like extinguishing fires.

The totem stance presents some problems though, as I ended up being paired with strangers from the line for Super Mario Maker. I have nothing against strangers I meet in lines, but if you pick me up and don’t let me down in a game that revolves around cooperative puzzling, I’m probably not going to have a whole lot of fun. Additionally, it seems like the only way to put some items down is to straight-up throw them, meaning some puzzles end up becoming fiddly as all get out, resulting in losing hearts to avoid wasting excess time. This compounds negatively on the design choice of characters sharing a health bar, an otherwise fine choice which encourages teamwork in order to solve puzzles efficiently.

Triforce-Heroes-Emotes The emotes get an A+ though.

Even if Nintendo’s E3 2015 direct didn’t get me super hyped, I really enjoyed the games provided at the Access Event. Nintendo always creates fun experiences, evidence by my surprise enjoyment of these unusual entries into the Mario and Zelda series. As much as I would have loved to see a bit more from the Nintendo Direct (So many rad titles were left out!), at least I’m satisfied with the vision of the near future. If you missed out on the Wednesday event, Best Buy will be holding another one on Saturday, June 20, 2015 at noon.

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[GamerTell] E3 2015: Hands-on demos at Nintendo's Best Buy Access event

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