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WWE NXT Spoilers For Episodes Airing In July And August

Below are spoilers from Wednesday night’s WWE NXT television tapings at Full Sail University for episodes that will air the rest of this month and a portion of August:

July 27th:–Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Blake
–NXT General Manager William Regal announces that at NXT TakeOver: Back to Brooklyn, Samoa Joe will defend the NXT Championship against Shinsuke Nakamura in the show’s main event.
–Billie Kay defeated Santana Garrett
–TM-61 defeated Adrian Nails and Rob Ryzin
–No Way Jose defeated Steve Cutler. Following the match, Jose cut a promo on Austin Aries.
–Kota Ibushi defeated Murphy
–NXT Champion Samoa Joe cut a promo, saying that he wasn’t happy about his match at NXT TakeOver: Back to Brooklyn. He has words with William Regal before being taunted by Shinsuke Nakamura to end the show.

August 3rd:
–Hideo Itami defeated Sean Maluta
–A backstage segment took place between Bayley and NXT Women’s Champion Asuka
–NXT Women’s Champion Asuka defeated Aliyah. Following the match Asuka continued to attack Aliyah, but Bayley made the save.
–Bobby Roode made his Full Sail University debut and began to cut a babyface promo, but then quickly turned on the fans. He called himself a superstar and said the arena would soon be filled up with businessmen and vice presidents, not losers like now.
–NXT Tag Team Champions The Revival defeated TM-61. Following the match, Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa taunted the champions before hitting Dash with a double-team move. Gargano and Ciampa then celebrated with the titles.
–Mojo Rawley vs. Chris Atkins ended in a No Contest due to NXT Champion Samoa Joe taking out both men. Joe then cut a promo on Shinsuke Nakamura before he was attacked by Rawley. Joe then locked in a submission on Rawley and caused him to tap out to end the show.

August 10th:
–NXT General Manager hosts a special contract signing between Bayley and NXT Women’s Champion Asuka for their title match at NXT TakeOver: Back to Brooklyn. The signing ends in a staredown between the two women.–The Authors of Pain defeated Adrian Nails and Rob Ryzin. Following the match, American Alpha attacked The Authors.
–Andrade “Cien” Almas defeated Angelo Dawkins. Following the match, Bobby Roode confronted Almas and announced that the two will face one another at NXT TakeOver: Back to Brooklyn.
–Billie Kay defeated Liv Morgan
–Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa defeated Tucker Knight and Patrick Clark

August 17th:
–Hideo Itami defeated Mustafa Ali
–Carmella, Liv Morgan, and Nikki Glencross defeated Daria, Mandy Rose, and Alexa Bliss
–NXT Champion Samoa Joe defeated Mojo Rawley. Following the match, Joe continued to assault Rawley until Shinsuke Nakamura made the save, which caused officials to rush to the ring to prevent a brawl from taking place. Nakamura taunts Joe and the episode ends with Joe attacking security.

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WWE NXT Spoilers For Episodes Airing In July And August

Triple H Responds To Bret Hart's Recent Comments, NXT, WWE Draft, Brock Lesnar & WWE 2K17

Triple H recently did a Q&A with ESPN to promote the WWE NXT edition of WWE 2K17 and more.?

Brock Lesnar appears on the cover of “WWE 2K17,” and you recently praised his performance at UFC 200. What does his ability to cross over do for WWE’s brand?

It’s huge. I think any time that you can have a WWE performer that can cross over into something else and have that kind of a night or a performance, whether that’s making a movie or television show or competing in the UFC, that’s huge. To me, it speaks to the amazing athlete that Brock Lesnar is. To be able to come back at such an elite level after a fairly long period of time doing something different and be that dominant is just amazing to me.

We have said it a million times about Brock but I think it’s worth repeating. He’s a once-in-a-lifetime athlete that comes along and is just — you can see it when you look at him. Guys don’t come along that quick, that big, that fast, that aggressive and with that mentality. He is a once-in-a-lifetime combat athlete. Certainly he helps UFC, banking on Brock Lesnar’s name in the very beginning of him becoming a UFC star and showing his dominance in it. And now it’s the same thing, back and forth. They benefit from it, we benefit from it and it has been great. My hat’s off to Brock, he’s an amazing, amazing athlete.

Considering you are no longer presenting NXT exclusively as a developmental brand, how will its future be affected by the upcoming brand split?

It’s funny that when people talk about it to me, some will say, ‘Well, isn’t that the downfall of NXT because when a superstar becomes big enough that he’s immediately going to be taken away from you?’ I feel that’s the strength of the brand. If you look at the growth of NXT in the last couple years, there are points in time when people said, ‘Oh no, these characters are getting called up and [NXT] is doomed.’ We made somebody else the lead characters of the show and that’s the challenge and the beauty of it. It’s always fresh, it’s always different, it always feels like there is something new going on to me.

With NXT being different, it complements Raw and SmackDown. You have the opportunity to see these guys come in and make a name for themselves on a bigger platform. They can grow themselves while helping to create NXT’s brand. Then, if you’re following NXT, you’re ahead of the curve when they come to Raw and SmackDown. You know everything about them and their backstories. It’s like being a fan of the band before they hit it big. You have that claim to fame. And to our most passionate fan base that’s an exciting vibe that we have. I think that’s why social media is so strong for us — it’s people that want to be ahead of the curve.

Bret Hart recently took offense that your rating in “WWE 2K17” was higher than his. How aware are you about any rivalries in the locker room between superstars regarding the video game?

[Laughs]. I have not heard that. I’m sorry, there was a report that somebody was upset that their video game ranking was lower than mine? I don’t even know how that works to be honest but I suppose there is.

I see guys arguing about stuff all the time in the locker room and video game rankings would probably be part of that. I know that they are very competitive with each other in a lot of ways so it wouldn’t surprise me. Trust me, the locker room can make anything a competition.

You have competed against top superstars around the world. How rare of an athlete and performer is NXT star Shinsuke Nakamura in your eyes?

I have watched a lot of guys over the years and there are certain talent that you’re just drawn to, and that’s charisma and X factor and all those things. Shinsuke brings something to the table that I haven’t seen for a long time. He brings a level of charisma, a level of showmanship, that you don’t see a lot of times with guys that have an aggressive style, with the striking and skill set, that he does. He’s an amazing athlete.

I think he’s somebody I had my eye on for a long time as far as being part of WWE as a whole because I think he’s that different level of performer. He’s one of those guys that is harder to explain what he is because when you start to begin to say it, it doesn’t do it justice. You kind of just have to say, ‘You just have to see him.’ Once you see him, you want to watch him again. He’s that kind of performer.

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Triple H Responds To Bret Hart's Recent Comments, NXT, WWE Draft, Brock Lesnar & WWE 2K17

WWE And Topps Launch Mobile Trading Card App

For Immediate Release

July 14, 2016

New York and Stamford, Conn.? – The Topps Company, Inc. and WWE? (NYSE: WWE)? today announced the launch of? Topps® WWE SLAMSM, WWE’s first digital trading card app.Topps® WWE SLAMSM? will bring WWE Superstars to life with exclusive digital cards that can be collected and traded with fans worldwide.? The app, which debuted today, is now available to download for free on iOS and Android devices through the Apple App Store? and Google Play.

“WWE has been an incredible partner with Topps for many years, and we are thrilled to be able to offer WWE fans worldwide a new way to collect their favorite WWE Superstars from today and the past,” said Jeremy Strauser, Vice President and General Manager of Topps Digital. “WWE has been at the forefront of pop culture and entertainment for many years and we are excited to add? WWE SLAM? to the Topps apps portfolio.”

? “We are pleased to once again partner with Topps and offer our fans a new way to connect with their favorite WWE Superstars digitally,” said Casey Collins, WWE Executive Vice President, Consumer Products. “Topps WWE SLAM? provides us with another opportunity to innovate and engage a global fan base that continuously consumes content across all platforms.”

Topps® WWE SLAMSM? will feature thousands of digital trading cards of some of the world’s favorite past and present WWE Superstars including John Cena, The Rock, Undertaker, Ric Flair, Seth Rollins, Sasha Banks and Charlotte.? New digital cards will be released daily in? Topps® WWE SLAMSM? with highlights from the extensive Topps cards library and all-new designs and collections exclusive to the app.? Additionally, collectors will have a chance to collect a variety of unique cards featuring WWE Superstar memorabilia and autographs.? To celebrate the launch of the app, fans who sign up to try WWE Slam will receive 10 free packs of digital cards to help build their collection. To learn more, visithttp://www.topps.com/topps-apps/.


About Topps

Founded in 1938, The Topps Company, Inc. is the preeminent creator and brand marketer of physical and digital sports cards, entertainment cards and collectibles, and distinctive confectionery products. Topps’ leading sports and entertainment products include Major League Baseball, National Football League, Major League Soccer, UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, Bundesliga, Indian Premier League, Star Wars, WWE, UFC, Wacky Packages, Garbage Pail Kids, Mars Attacks and other trading cards, sticker album collections and collectibles. Topps’ app portfolio, including Topps BUNT®, Topps NFL HUDDLE®, TOPPS KICK®? and Topps®? Star WarsSM: Card Trader,? has been a hit with millions of fans around the world.? Topps’ confectionery brands include Ring Pop®, Push Pop®, Baby Bottle Pop®, Juicy Drop®? Pop, Crunchkins™? and Bazooka®? bubble gum.? Topps was acquired by? Michael Eisner’s? Tornante Company and Madison Dearborn Partners in October 2007.? For additional information, visit? Topps.com? and? Candymania.com.?

About WWE

WWE, a publicly traded company (NYSE: WWE), is an integrated media organization and recognized leader in global entertainment. The company consists of a portfolio of businesses that create and deliver original content 52 weeks a year to a global audience. WWE is committed to family friendly entertainment on its television programming, pay-per-view, digital media and publishing platforms. WWE programming reaches more than 650 million homes worldwide in 25 languages. WWE Network, the first-ever 24/7 over-the-top premium network that includes all live pay-per-views, scheduled programming and a massive video-on-demand library, is currently available in more than 180 countries. The company is headquartered in Stamford, Conn., with offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, Mexico City, Mumbai, Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai, Munich and Tokyo.


Additional information on WWE (NYSE: WWE) can be found at? wwe.com? and? corporate.wwe.com. For information on our global activities, go to? http://www.wwe.com/worldwide/

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WWE And Topps Launch Mobile Trading Card App

Game of Thrones: What to expect from Season 7?

Another season of Game of Thrones has ended, and with the dust of the Sept settled, and the blood and muck drying on the fields of Winterfell, what can we expect from the next season of George RR Martin’s fantasy epic?

Season six gave us a lot of answers: Jon has been confirmed as Lyanna Stark’s son, Benjen Stark is still alive (so to speak), Cersei is the Mad Queen, Daenerys crosses the Narrow Sea, and winter is finally here. Thanks to the show’s stellar finale, The Winds of Winter, everyone is in their new positions for the shows final act; and with the confirmation that there is only 13 episodes left before the show comes to a close, no one should get too comfortable. Let’s get started.

Winter is Here

After six seasons, and so many Stark promises, winter has finally come. While this is good news for fans itching for “The Long Night” it means that the show’s production has been moved back. Instead of premiering in April like all the past seasons, Season 7 will land later in 2017 due to the effect winter has on the show’s sunnier locations. That’s the bad news. The good news is the wealth of storytelling opportunities winter brings. The show, and its fans, according to Old Nan, have been Summer children. We have no idea what a harsh winter would do to Westeros. What it does mean is that as winter comes, the White Walkers come with it.

Bran and the Night King


Bran, or Bran Exposition, as I like to call him is inexorably linked to the White Walkers. In season six highlight The Door, the Night King put his mark on Bran in order to breach the cave of the Three Eyed Raven. Bran’s mistake cost the lives of the Raven, the presumed last of the Children of the Forest, and our beloved Hodor. It makes sense that the Night King’s brand is still in effect, after all it took Benjen to save Bran and Meera from the wight’s who were still following. At the end of the season Benjen told Bran that ancient runes and spells, were carved into the wall, meaning the dead could not pass. The dead also couldn’t breach the Raven cave. Does the mark of the Night King mean the White Walkers can pass the wall? Could Bran be the one responsible for letting these creatures in?

The King in the North


If the White Walkers do get through, and Castle Black falls (which it will, lets hope Ed can get away), the North will be the first to invaded by the dead. Luckily we have a new King of the North in Jon Snow, let’s hope he does better than the last King. If Jon gets a wedding invite I hope he burns it. It’s not just White Walkers that Jon has to deal with. As he told Sansa, the Starks of Winterfell have a lot of enemies, even some they wouldn’t expect. After all Sansa was passed over to be ruler of Winterfell, a title that even Jon thought she deserved. As Jon is proclaimed king she shares a loaded look with Littlefinger. Could Sansa, hardened by the brutality she has suffered over the years try and usurp Jon’s position? Or will se take up Littlefingers offer and try and scheme their way to the Iron Throne? There’s also the matter of Littlefingers comeuppance. This man has sewed chaos through the Seven Kingdoms since the show began. His rival Vary’s put it perfectly: Littlefinger would burn everything down if he thought he could be king of the ashes. It was Littlefinger that betrayed Ned, something Jon and Sansa don’t seem to be aware of. He caused the event that started the whole mess in motion all the way back in season one. The death of Jon Arryn, the very thing that sent Ned to King’s Landing in the first place, was orchestrated by Littlefinger, as we found out in season four. He’s playing the longest of long games, but can he win?

Spot Arya


The Winds of Winter saw the return of Arya to Westeros as she avenged her mother, and brother, by killing Walder Frey, after she fed him his two sons. Since escaping King’s Landing in season one Arya has been a wild card, going from captor, to captor, to faceless murder cult. Now that she’s back home will she continue to cross names off her list, a list that includes Cersei and the Mountain, or will she return to Winterfell? At the very least, it will be fun to try an guess who are is disguised as from scene to scene. Another appetizing possibility is her coming across the Brotherhood again and her old friend the Hound. Sandor Clegane is another wildcard within the Game of Thrones universe, and the Lord of Light seems to have plans for him, as he does Jon. Whatever happens, it would be a treat for fans to see Arya and the Hound together again, as Maisie Williams, and Rory McCann has great chemistry as both friends and enemies.

Queen’s Landing


Dany’s finally sailing west to retake the Iron Throne, a throne occupied by someone a lot more dangerous than her, dragons included. Cersei is the queen of the Seven Kingdoms once again ? but this time there is no man beside her. Cersei’s arc has been electrifying to watch as her actions have robbed her of her children, her love for them as Tyrion pointed out was her only redeeming quality. Now she is queen of a populace who despise her, and she them. Add to that Jamie’s return to the women he loves, the women who caused the death of his children, and in blowing up the Sept (and everyone in and around it) recreated the action in which he killed the Mad King to prevent.

A reckoning is coming for Cersei, as the witch said: she will be overthrown by someone younger and more beautiful than herself. the odds seem to favour Dany, with three dragons, the unsullied, the Iron fleet, support from three great houses (Tyrell, Martell, and Greyjoy), and Tyrion at her side, Cersei might not be on the throne for long. There is a spanner in the works though: both Dany and Bran have had visions of a destroyed throne room and a layer of snow on the Iron Throne. What this could mean is that if the Starks (ice) and Dany (fire) fail, then the Iron throne could belong to the Night King.

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Game of Thrones: What to expect from Season 7?

Brook aiming for greatness

Last Updated: 14/07/16 11:47pm

Kell Brook says he never backs down from a challenge and cannot wait for his London bout with Gennady Golovkin.

Kell Brook says he never backs down from a challenge and cannot wait for his London bout with Gennady Golovkin.

Kell Brook says he never backs down from a challenge and cannot wait for his London bout with Gennady Golovkin.

Kell Brook believes moving up to middleweight to face Gennady Golovkin is a gamble that can lead him on the road to boxing greatness.

The IBF welterweight champion is stepping up two weight divisions to take on the Kazakh, who is putting all three of his middleweight world titles on the line for a Sky Sports Box Office card on September 10.

Brook (36-0-KO25) agreed to take on Golovkin (35-0-KO32) after a potential fight between ‘GGG’ and Chris Eubank Jr did not materialise.

Eubank Jr has since branded Golovkin-Brook as ‘a joke‘, but the Sheffield fighter says it is a fantastic way for him to earn recognition as one of the best fighters in the world.

Talking about the move up the weights, Brook told a news conference in New York: “Sugar Ray Leonard boxed Marvin Hagler and beat him.

Brook will take on the biggest challenge of his career when he fights Golovkin

Brook will take on the biggest challenge of his career when he fights Golovkin

Brook will take on the biggest challenge of his career when he fights Golovkin

“My favourite fighter, Sugar Ray Robinson, has done that and to be a great fighter you have got to to do great things.

“For me, a welterweight, to step up and take on the most feared fighter in the world in Golovkin – to take this fight, it’s going to be hard.

Have a look back at some of Golovkin's best knockouts

Have a look back at some of Golovkin's best knockouts

Have a look back at some of Golovkin’s best knockouts

“Everything is going to have to be spot on in training, I’ve got to do everything right. Anything short of that I am not going to come up with the goods.

“We’re going to put the hard work in with the training, we’re going to go through hell in this training camp. But that’s what you need to do to reach greatness.”

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Brook aiming for greatness

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