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DVD Review: Straight Outta Dudleyville – The Legacy of the Dudley Boyz Part 1

dudleyville-dvd2Certificate: 15
Running Time: 7hrs 00mins (420mins)
Discs: 3

Disc 1

  • Brooklyn – A Well Kept Secret
  • Right Down The Block
  • Pagliaccio
  • Early Inspiration
  • Similar Goals
  • “So What Do You Want to Learn?”
  • Following The Dream
  • Brooklyn – Two Home Towns
  • “What Is This Crap?”
  • A Fatter Nasty Boy
  • Welcome to Dudleyville
  • Dance, Buh Buh, Dance!
  • Testify
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • The Real Dudley Boyz
  • Old School Heat
  • Top of the Food Chain
  • Brooklyn – Autographs
  • Public Enemy #2?
  • A Physical Test
  • Get The Tables!
  • On The Map
  • Six Players
  • Tables & Ladders & Chairs
  • Tearing The House Down
  • The Height
  • Brooklyn – War Gear
  • The Split
  • Meant To Be
  • The Outside World
  • New School Tools, Old School Rules
  • Rumbling
  • Brooklyn – It’s Time
  • The Dudley Boyz Are Back!
  • Real Brothers

Disc 2


  • The Ultimate Pillow
  • World Uno Champion
  • ”My Two Biggest Fears”
  • First Impressions
  • Little Spike Dudley
  • Mae Young
  • Broadway Billboard
  • Sleepy Rhyno
  • Bubba’s Bad Mood


  • Buh Buh Ray & D-Von Dudley v The Pitbulls – ECW Hostile City Showdown • April 20, 1996
  • Buh Buh Ray Dudley v D-Von Dudley – ECW November to Remember • November 16, 1996
  • Bubba & D-Von Reflect on November to Remember
  • D-Von Dudley v Tommy Dreamer – RAW • February 24, 1997
  • ECW Tag Team Championship Match: The Dudley Boyz v The Eliminators – ECW Barely Legal • April 13, 1997
  • Bubba & D-Von Reflect on Barely Legal
  • Dudleyville Street Fight: Buh Buh, D-Von & Big Dick Dudley v Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman & Spike Dudley – ECW Heatwave • August 2, 1998
  • ECW Tag Team Championship Match: The Dudley Boyz v Tommy Dreamer & Raven – ECW on TNN • September 3, 1999
  • The Dudleys’ (Post Show) ECW Farewell – ECW on TNN • September 3, 1999
  • The Dudley Boyz v The Acolytes – Unforgiven • September 26, 1999
  • Tag Team Tables Match: The Dudley Boyz v The Hardy Boyz – Royal Rumble • January 23, 2000
  • WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The Dudley Boyz v The New Age Outlaws – No Way Out • February 27, 2000
  • TLC Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship: The Dudley Boyz v The Hardy Boyz v Edge & Christian – SummerSlam • August 27, 2000
  • Tables Match: The Dudley Boyz v The Rock & The Undertaker – Smackdown! • September 14, 2000

Disc 3

  • WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The Dudley Boyz v Edge & Christian – Royal Rumble • January 21, 2001
  • TLC II for the WWE Tag Team Championship: The Dudley Boyz v The Hardy Boyz vs Edge & Christian – WrestleMania X-Seven • April 1, 2001
  • Bubba & D-Von Reflect on WrestleMania X-Seven
  • WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The Dudley Boyz v The Rock & Kurt Angle – SmackDown! • September 27, 2001
  • WCW Tag Team Championship Match: The Dudley Boyz v The Hardy Boyz – SmackDown! • October 25, 2001
  • Steel Cage Match to Unify the WWE & WCW Tag Team Championships: The Dudley Boyz v The Hardy Boyz – Survivor Series • November 12, 2001
  • Bubba & D-Von Reflect on Survivor Series
  • Brother D-Von v Triple H – SmackDown! • May 9, 2002
  • Bubba Ray Dudley v Brock Lesnar – RAW • May 27, 2002
  • World Heavyweight Championship Match: Bubba Ray Dudley v Triple H – RAW • September 30, 2002
  • Bubba & D-Von Reflect on Triple H
  • The Dudley Boyz v Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam – Judgment Day • May 16, 2004
  • The Dudley Boyz v Tommy Dreamer & Sandman – ECW One Night Stand • June 12, 2005
  • Bubba & D-Von Reflect on One Night Stand
  • WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The New Day v Dudley Boyz – Night of Champions • September 20, 2015


Who doesn’t get a kick out of an entire arena chanting that two-syllable pre-empter of the greatest tag-team finish in wrestling history?

Coinciding with the return of one of the greatest tag-teams even to compete in a ring, this set takes the standard format of these profile releases (where did they grow up, how was their childhood, how did they get into wrestling, etc, etc, etc?) and frames it around their surprise return to WWE the night after SummerSlam.

Bubba and D-Von, ensconced in a trailer backstage (replete with a big “NO ACCESS AFTER 4PM” sign on the door) discuss their history and what it means to return, with TNA getting what I believe is their third official mention on a WWE product (the Sting DVD name-checks the promotion as does JBL during his Network-exclusive interview with Road Dogg).

The conceit works brilliantly and pays off nicely with the team leaving as New Day cut their in-ring promo, so you get to see the workers backstage be genuinely surprised that THE DUDLEY BOYS are there with them. It’s rare that a secret can be kept in top-level pro-wrestling these days, so kudos to WWE for this (and Shane McMahon’s return more recently).

As is standard, the documentary has a number of talking heads from both their ECW days and their initial run in WWE, although no-one currently contracted to TNA (i.e. Matt & Jeff Hardy) appears. Sign Guy Dudley and Spike Dudley look healthy, although Joel Gertner (who was a HUGE part of their ECW success) is a glaring omission.


The documentary is fantastic, although at just over 1hr, ridiculously short for a team who has been together for the best part of two full decades and have held more recognised world tag-team championships than any other combination. However, as this is labelled as part one, you have to imagine there will be more to follow.

With regards to the matches, as you’d expect, the WWE section heavily features The Hardys and Edge & Christian. This is in no way a bad thing however, as the matches under various combinations were always very good at their worst. ECW has a mixed-bag of content, with the inclusion of the Barely Legal match being a puzzler as it was pretty much a glorified squash where the half-brothers got in virtually no offence. The lack of New Jack isn’t surprising (even if he wasn’t as violent, getting around his music playing throughout the matches would be a licensing nightmare), but no Balls Mahoney is a shame. On the flip side of that, the footage of the pre-Crisis version of the Dudleys before D-Von showed up was a nice surprise.

For the record, there is also literally no mention of any of the incidents were they beat up female talent, so no “We broke Beulah’s neck” or powerbombing Trish, Lita or Mae through the table.

The other tag matches are all good and the singles matches a novelty for those who haven’t followed their time in TNA.

All in all, this a great addition to the collection and another triumph for WWE’s profile documentary division.

If you buy the Blu-Ray version, you get the following additional content -:

Blu-ray Exclusive

  • Tag Team Tables Match: The Dudley Boyz v Test & Albert v Edge & Christian – Rebellion • December 2, 2000
  • Handicap Tables Match for the World Tag Team Championship: The Dudley Boyz v La Resistance & Rob Conway – Unforgiven • September 21, 2003
  • The Dudley Boyz Come Back to WWE – RAW • August 24, 2015
  • The Dudley Boyz v The Ascension – SmackDown • August 27, 2015
  • Extreme Rules 8-Man Tag Team Match: The Dudley Boyz, Tommy Dreamer & Rhyno v The Wyatt Family – RAW • December 14, 20155

Points: 9/10

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DVD Review: Straight Outta Dudleyville – The Legacy of the Dudley Boyz Part 1

Lions Gate Entertainment Needs to be Dumped: Here's Why

Are you still holding shares of Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. (LGF Analyst Report) and waiting for a miracle to take the stock higher in the near term? If yes, then you might lose more money as chances are very slim that the stock, which lost its value by more than 42% in the past six months, will take a U-turn going forward. So let’s recall what we learnt in our school days – “A stitch in time saves nine”, meaning that timely action may prevent a serious loss later on. Let’s delve deeper and try to find out what is taking this Zacks Rank #4 (Sell) company down the hill.

Lions Gate Entertainment reported dismal financial numbers for the second consecutive quarter. The company’s third-quarter fiscal 2016 earnings of 37 cents (including stock-based compensation expense) slumped 43.9% year over year and missed the Zacks Consensus Estimate of 48 cents by a wide margin.

On the revenue front too, Lions Gate witnessed a 10.8% year-over-year decline to $670.5 million, mainly due to a fall in revenues from both Motion Pictures and Television Production. The figure also lagged the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $780.6 million. Management stated that results in the third quarter were primarily impacted by weakness in theatrical film slate performance.

Let’s look at Lions Gate’s earnings estimate revisions in order to get a clear picture of what analysts are thinking about the company. In the past 60 days, the company’s earnings estimates for fiscal 2016 have declined by 40.4% to 56 cents. On the other hand, over the same time frame, its earnings estimates for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2016 have moved down to 28 cents from 43 cents.

Moreover, the escalating cost of motion picture production and marketing in recent years may jeopardize Lions Gate’s margins. Also, the continuation of this trend may leave no other option for the company than depending more on lower revenue generating avenues such as home video and television, which may not be adequate to offset the cost of production.

Consider Other Stocks

Why buy a company that is bogged down by dismal earnings and downward estimate revisions? If you want to own a stock in the same space, consider DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. (DWA Analyst Report), The Walt Disney Company (DIS Analyst Report) and World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. (WWE Analyst Report). All the three stocks hold a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy).

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Lions Gate Entertainment Needs to be Dumped: Here's Why

Review: I Saw the Light

Full disclosure: I was nervous about I Saw the Light from the moment it was announced. As an Alabamian, I feel a certain amount of ownership toward Hank Williams. Like his grandson, Hank III, I come from a place where “You ain’t no son of Hank” is an insult. So it was with no small amount of trepidation that I approached this movie, especially after a Brit, internet heartthrob Tom Hiddleston, was cast as the country legend. Still, I wasn’t actively hoping for it to fail. I wanted to see the light. If only the movie had had the same ambitions.


Not your typical biopic–in many ways–I Saw the Light opens not with Williams’s childhood, but with his marriage to Audrey Sheppard (Elizabeth Olsen). It is in the depiction of their relationship that the movie starts to go awry. So then, yes, from the beginning. Audrey is portrayed as an untalented scold, and while her singing voice could most charitably be described as serviceable, she was a capable businesswoman who managed her husband’s career into stardom. Of course, that stardom would likely never have happened if not for Hank’s talent, and here is another part where the movie fails.


Hank Williams’s contribution to country music and music in general is difficult to understate. Today he’s synonymous with the classic country sound, but that wasn’t the case when he arrived on the scene. Taught to play guitar by Rufus Payne, a local blues musician, Hank would blend the blues with the gospel and folk which he’d grown up, creating a sound that combined with his unusual vocal style, would change popular

University or college Qualifications That Might Be Sought After In The Next 5 Years

University or college Qualifications That Might Be Sought After In The Next 5 Years

Moving to college is really an exhilarating nevertheless complicated stage for college kids. When shopping for a degree or professional career, appreciation in the direction of your long term future do the job is something to take into consideration but more importantly, you need to speculate how remarkable your career will get be someday. Getting a long term part in the enterprise or in a situation where one can effortlessly get more effective possibilities within the industry you should be is usually a realistic state of mind for university students. Subsequently, looking for your career way is extremely important previous to joining university way of life. To guide every single person in selecting a degree, here are the 5 university or college training systems that might be sought after over the following five-years.

1. Fabrication Modern technology / Treatment

Right after the recent real estate uncertainty in the us, the development marketplace is for a second time buying. The increase of creating adventures necessitates additional work and male power which start for additional occupations. A build engineer or supervisor position brief description requires a bachelor in Architectural or Design Operations. Additionally, it can be approved people with degree in Structure Modern technology or maybe even Architecture.

2. Nursing Affiliated Lessons

Nursing jobs as well as similar training systems have always been a required primary for students who would like to stay in the medical community. As time goes by, medical related disciplines notably Nursing is really a ‘recession-substantiation career’ since this specific profession is at interest in each and every part of the universe. College students will take Nursing Associate being a temporary diploma or simply a stepping stone to get go through which will certainly subsequently get towards a fantastic paying off profession. Associate Nursing jobs Training could also be sustained with education and learning to be a total promise nurse. Forecast demonstrates somewhere between 2015-2020, the responsibility continuing development of nursing jobs will grow to 19Percent.

3. Personal pc And Know-how Sciences Training systems

While home pc and technologies is its highest high demand within the past several years, this education continues to be increasingly sizeable as development and development through these companies are boundless. The project progression rates of pc and concept curriculums since 2010 has risen to 12Percent and is expected to expand far more at some point. People could possibly think of occupying Modern technology, IT and Personal pc and Programs affiliated instructional classes if they would like to engage in a greater having to pay professional within these companies.

4. Training Experts And Therapists

People as of late will be more conscious of wellness and fitness, overall health and becoming generally in good condition. The very quickly-to-be-students will surely have majors in Physical Rehabilitation, Occupational Treatment plan along with bachelors qualification linked to Remedy. Some may also use up small classes in Health and individuals wellness and fitness programs. There are several those who have developed a fruitful profession out from wellness and fitness and therapy. Medical centers and elderly care facility want Therapists and therefore the need could possibly surge in the next 3-five-years.

5. Industry Linked Curriculums

These courses are widely used constantly. Online business Classes are probably the most variable level so that it is extremely popular amongst visionaries and misfits. Should you want to work in a bank, personal agencies or start off your own private internet business, these courses are most suitable! University students may perhaps think of Small business Management, Finance or Accountancy training systems. These classes make it easier to prepare yourself from fundamental industry and relief with your task. Employment advancement pace of economic instructional classes have risen 32% ever since 2010.

Enrollees must always bear in mind that by using a awesome and thriving occupation will take the most suitable magnitude verdict, enthusiasm and resolve. It will require time though persistence and desire for succeed everything follows.

Essay Rivals – Triumph the wonderful Gift and turn a competent Author!

Essay Rivals – Triumph the wonderful Gift and turn a competent Author!

While in the Springtime term of each year, any institution students learning British a-level or International Baccalaureate (IB) classes are invited to create an original composition of between 1000 to 2,500 words, on the issue collection from the Leader of the Royal Economic Society, calling on-key aspects of their reports, illustrations in the globe around them-and innovative dialogue.

Why World Wrestling (WWE) Could Be an Impressive Growth Stock

Growth stocks can be some of the most exciting picks in the market, as these high-flyers can captivate investors’ attention, and produce big gains as well. However, these can also lead on the downside when the growth story is over, so it is important to find companies which are still seeing strong growth prospects in their businesses.

One such company that might be well-positioned for future earnings growth is World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. (WWE Analyst Report). This firm, which is in the Movie/TV Production & Distribution industry, saw EPS growth of 222.6% last year, and is looking great for this year too.

In fact, the current growth estimate for this year calls for earnings-per-share growth of 25%. Furthermore, the long-term growth rate is currently an impressive 20%, suggesting pretty good prospects for the long haul.

And if this wasn’t enough, the stock has actually seen estimates rise over the past month for the current fiscal year by about 4.4%. Thanks to this rise in earnings estimates, WWE has a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy) which further underscores the potential for outperformance in this company.

So if you are looking for a fast growing stock that is still seeing plenty of opportunities on the horizon, make sure to consider WWE. Not only does it have double digit earnings growth prospect, but its impressive Zacks Rank suggests that analysts believe better days are ahead for WWE as well.

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Why World Wrestling (WWE) Could Be an Impressive Growth Stock

Pattern Education Florence that can help to achieve success

Pattern Education Florence that can help to achieve success

Maybe you have dreamed about finance self-sufficiency and launching your very own new online business? The World Wide Web Solutions Academy offers to show the relevant skills you want to pattern and build an ecommerce site. You could potentially be also operational once you conclude these highly centered several-weeks time groups.

Serial inventor and Kickstarter veteran Richard Haberkern, is building a new Concept and Web Development Classes in Florence, France. It offers to educate many people from around the globe the abilities they will need to commence their internet commerce online site and make money online. Making use of encounter he has earned from inventing a lot of successful solutions and products in almost any areas, he and also other professors will show you in the activities they possess applied in the past from beginning to end. Training feature choosing the best products to market, applying crowdfunding to raise budget, escalating your organization, growing to be a WordPress platforms specialized and most importantly, methods to promote your business online.

On this new overall economy, where fine jobs are getting harder to get, Richard is convinced that personal-driven individuals now have the skills needed to be their manager. Many people purely don’t are able to start out and like they might be directed inside the correctly path. The Net Technological advances Academy says this can help us pick the way.

The first of it is sort, Word wide web Technologies Academy really is a put just where individuals have an understanding of determining money-making marketplace, picking out the types of solutions selling and getting a entire eCommerce web-site from start to finish.

Florence the school core of best dissertation writing services online page is created to help you to, Italy is actually a place filled with significant method including a section this is the birthplace of technology. This high school is deliberately used to enthuse learners throughout their new road to independence. Might you visualize your own self laying from a coffee shop which includes a computer, sipping an coffee, though generating massive income online? Richard is likely to be through to a little something below!

The 4-week class is an extremely hectic, bootcamp habitat where learners deliver the results and understand while doing so. They are walked within the existing approach to setting up a whole WordPress platforms and Woocommerce internet site, putting goods and taking all sorts of electric funds. Aside from that, they will educate yourself on the fundamental Web-page coding, PHP and CSS knowledge were required to build skilled professional seeking webpages that makes clientele finding their way back again and again. An in-range focus in web marketing and driving proficient visitors to your website is additionally point about this especially in depth lessons. There are lots of added training seminars to choose from this includes viral online video media generation methods, device images and pictures product for world wide web business owners.

A Ca . occupant, Richard Haberkern may be the key trainer around the On-line Technology Academy. Sessions are derived from applications coding bootcamps that happen to be growing to be well-liked in Silicon Valley. Courses are restricted to 25 people. Might and June 2014 enrollment is apparently satisfying really fast. Educational costs is incredibly fair for a faculty that can make the state to help you have people that do their best installed and operating by the end of the path.

Courses are taught in Language and for the purpose of simultaneously European and US residents. If you are searching for something more challenging and exhilarating, the Web Engineering Academy might be the area to go to get started that new way of life your location your current person in charge..

9 Approaches for A number of Choice Issues

9 Approaches for A number of Choice Issues

Many different Option Problem (MCQ) medical tests are certainly usual right now. Best examinations will consist of a segment or entire pieces of paper MCQ test out. Most learning schools execute entry examinations in MCQ structure. Most companies have also implemented the MCQ design of prospecting prospects.

Noteworthy Wednesday Option Activity: WWE, TSLA, CYTR

Quotes delayed 20 minutes

Noteworthy Wednesday Option Activity: WWE, TSLA, CYTR
Stock Options Channel Staff – Wednesday, March 30, 3:30 PM

Among the underlying components of the Russell 3000 index, we saw noteworthy options trading volume today in World Wrestling Entertainment Inc (WWE), where a total of 7,212 contracts have traded so far, representing approximately 721,200 underlying shares. That amounts to about 146% of WWE’s average daily trading volume over the past month of 494,045 shares. Particularly high volume was seen for the $18 strike call option expiring April 15, 2016, with 2,019 contracts trading so far today, representing approximately 201,900 underlying shares of WWE. Below is a chart showing WWE’s trailing twelve month trading history, with the $18 strike highlighted in orange:

Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) saw options trading volume of 62,589 contracts, representing approximately 6.3 million underlying shares or approximately 137.8% of TSLA’s average daily trading volume over the past month, of 4.5 million shares. Especially high volume was seen for the $230 strike call option expiring April 01, 2016, with 3,175 contracts trading so far today, representing approximately 317,500 underlying shares of TSLA. Below is a chart showing TSLA’s trailing twelve month trading history, with the $230 strike highlighted in orange:

And CytRx Corp (CYTR) saw options trading volume of 7,122 contracts, representing approximately 712,200 underlying shares or approximately 101% of CYTR’s average daily trading volume over the past month, of 705,230 shares. Especially high volume was seen for the $5 strike call option expiring June 17, 2016, with 6,790 contracts trading so far today, representing approximately 679,000 underlying shares of CYTR. Below is a chart showing CYTR’s trailing twelve month trading history, with the $5 strike highlighted in orange:

For the various different available expirations for WWE options, TSLA options, or CYTR options, visit

Visit source:

Noteworthy Wednesday Option Activity: WWE, TSLA, CYTR

NXT Takeover – Dallas Preview: The show of the year!

WrestleMania is almost upon us, and that means it’s almost time for the event that is sure to dominate WrestleMania weekend for years and years to come. You may be excited for WrestleMania, for the Hall of Fame, and for the almost-always amazing Raw-After-WrestleMania, but this year WWE has brought out the big guns to bring the fans what promises to be the weekend-stealing card of the year: NXT Takeover:Dallas.

And really, they ought to just call this thing “Takeover:Mania” because that’s exactly what it’s done. The general consensus among we, the internet fan community, is that this show will blow the main roster product out of the water. Even though WWE will produce around 11 hours of content for WrestleMania weekend (during the 3 hour Hall of Fame, the 5 hour Mania, and the 3 hour R.A.W.), it’s the “little” 2 hour Takeover, tucked away late on Friday night, that is sure to please the fans the most.

Going back to last year, NXT has been living in the shadow of Brooklyn. The supershow, NXT Takeover:Brooklyn stole SummerSlam weekend and overshadowed the second biggest PPV on WWE’s calendar. It saw title changes, breathtaking matches and some of the best wrestling experienced all year. NXT ran two more Takeover specials in 2015 but neither of them—Takeover:Respect and Takeover:London—were able to reach the pinnacle of the Brooklyn special. Now, as WrestleMania 32 (the show that is hoped to be the biggest Mania of them all) looms, NXT is ready to outdo itself and once again prove why its the best wrestling show out there today.


Poster courtesy of Ric Gray

What’s in the cards for Takeover:Mania. Let’s discuss it…


When one of the hottest babyface acts in your promotion is in a throwaway match sure to open the show, you know you have a stacked card. And that’s just what we have here. Apollo Crews made his debut in Brooklyn last year and found his way onto both followup Takeover shows, scoring a victory over Tyler Breeze at Respect and losing to Baron Corbin in London. Along the way he’s had great battles for the NXT championship and in non-title matches against Finn Balor too. He’s a dynamic player and certainly a future main-eventer, but right now he’s kind of meandering without much direction. His opponent at Takeover:Dallas is Elias Sampson, a man who looks like Randy Savage but wrestles like Randy Orton…in slow motion. It’s clear the NXT higher-ups see a lot in him, but right now he’s not winning over the crowd. His moves and his character are a little too dull. But he’s going to work with Apollo Crews, who is lightning quick, athletic and agile and sure to get the best match possible out of Sampson. Let’s hope Elias brings a little extra something to the table. The Dallas Convention Center will be the biggest stage he’s competed on, if he stumbles there, it may be the biggest stage he ever competes on.

Prediction for the match?



If it wasn’t for a certain Japanese sensation, Austin Aries’ arrival to NXT would be the biggest free agent signing since Kevin Owens back in late 2014. Landing Aries is still a big deal though, as he was one of the top Ring of Honor and TNA competitors during his time with those promotions. He’s held multiple world titles and wrestled all over the world. He hasn’t yet shown it on NXT (because he simply hasn’t had the chance yet) but he’s got charisma and personality in spades and a library of wrestling moves to work with. Takeover:Dallas will be his in-ring debut and there’s probably a few fans—a few—who will be seeing him for the first time. Who they won’t be seeing first will be Aries’ opponent, Baron Corbin. After several years in the developmental system, Corbin has finally found some in-ring skills to go along with a good look and a blossoming personality. His character is basically him saying “I’m a real athlete, an NFL superstar, and I’m bigger and better than all those little wrestling boys from Ring of Honor and the indies.” It’s the perfect character for someone like that, and the 5’9 Austin Aries is the perfect foil. This match probably won’t be given enough time to steal the show, but it still might be a surprisingly great match.




Knowing that this is, in all expectation, Sami Zayn’s final Takeover, is very bittersweet. It’s like graduating high school. You know your friends are going off to bigger and better things, but a part of you still wishes you could stay in 12th Grade and keep on having fun in school. Sami is leaving the NXT family, after years of being the face of the franchise. He was the glue of the show and the brand’s moral compass. His 2014 quest to win the NXT title was the only thing WWE or NXT has ever done that rivaled the Daniel Bryan story. And now he’s off to greener pastures on the main roster (at least…we hope they will be greener…….if not, please come back Sami) and this will be his swan song.

But what a swan song! His opponent is this guy, pictured here next to a decrepit old fossil:


Shinsuke Nakamura, the “King of Strong Style,” is the biggest signing in NXT history. Bigger than El Generico, bigger than Pac, bigger than Prince Devitt or KENTA or Kevin Steen. This is the biggest “get” Triple H ever got. I assume they are paying him top dollar and I expect every penny will be worth it. Nakamura makes his NXT debut against the face of the company making his goodbye. That was most-certainly intentional. Still, not even Nakamura can fill the hole that will be felt without Sami Zayn every Wednesday night. I expect an instant-classic, match of the year contender as Sami bows out.

And what about the finish?



I will always have a soft-spot for Enzo and Cass. They were the first NXT tag team I fell in love with and I hope they are getting a call up to the main roster as early as the post-Mania Raw. They have no place on this card and so I hope I will get a chance to cheer for them in person at some point during WrestleMania weekend. That said, they spent the past several months in a quest to unseat Dash and Dawson (now known as The Revival), and have come up short time and again. It’s clear looking back that Ezno and Cass were simply vehicles used to get The Revival over as Tag Champions and to move them away from being perceived as mere transitional champs. The same work was put into Blake and Murphy and it made for a memorable moment when they finally lost the Tag straps at Takeover:Brooklyn. I expect the same big moment to come in Dallas as The Revival take on the newest, hottest act in NXT: American Alpha.

I can’t say enough about how purely fun Jason Jordan and Chad Gable are. They are at times the rebirth of the World’s Greatest Tag Team and other times they are the second coming of the Minnesota Stretching Crew. Jason Jordan is currently the best hot tag in the business and Chad Gable is like someone packaged Kurt Angle into Eddie Guerrero’s body. He’s small but he can do amazing things in amateur-style. If nothing else, and with both singles titles very much up in the air, the one absolute certainty needs to be that Takeover:Dallas is Jordan and Gable’s coronation. Dash and Dawson have done a great job going from jobber team to top of the line heel champs, but this is American Alpha’s time.

So of course…!



Again, the singles title matches are anyone’s guess. You can make a logical case for any of the four to win their match. That’s what so exciting about it. With the Women’s Title match you have two very different competitors. Bayley is everything WWE wants John Cena to be. She’s a scrappy underdog with lots of talent that has to rise up and conquer bigger and badder challengers. With the departure of Sasha, Becky and Charlotte, Bayley is the last remnant of the women’s division that carried NXT for the better part of a year. Whether or not she wins this match may determine if we see her again on Raw the following Monday. She has been “ready” for her call up for a long time now, but even more than Sami Zayn, NXT needs Bayley. The talent drop off in the women’s division, after her, is steep. There are a few others who are ready to step up but they don’t command the star power and appeal to the audience the way Bayley does.

And then there’s Asuka. Despite what I just wrote, Asuka is certainly every bit the wrestler that Bayley is. She has a great presence too (she just lacks a lot of the connection with the audience that Bayley has so naturally). Asuka is brutal in the ring (in a good way), often winning her matches in short order after a flurry of kicks and submission moves. She represents a totally different kind of challenge than Bayley has ever faced. Bayley spent all last year dealing with big personalities that were her equal in the ring. Since winning the title she’s taken on big monsters like Nia Jax who she could run circles around, she’s taken on smaller quicker challengers like Carmella that she can simply out-wrestle, and she’s taken on Eva Marie….aaanyway.

But Asuka is her own brand of challenge. This is a competitor who can be presented as Bayley’s superior in the ring. The fact that she’s still technically a babyface also allows for some different storylines coming out of the show. If Bayley wins she obviously would not be getting a main roster call up, and Asuka could go heel on her, win the title in a rematch and set up a rubber match as far away as the next Takeover:Brooklyn this August. On the other hand Asuka could win straight up, Bayley could give a bow and debut as the next WWE Divas Title challenger as early as that Monday night. There’s a lot that can be done and it seems any decision they take will be a good one.




And now for the main event. There’s no question that the NXT Title picture was overshadowed for much of last year due to the greatness of the Women’s Title happenings and a lot of that time was spent with Finn Balor as the babyface NXT champ. Some are blaming Balor and his slightly-stale good guy character for the rather dullness of the top title scene, but that’s not really fair. The Women’s Title division was a force of nature that even overshadowed much of the main roster work. No NXT Champ could have risen above what the Four Horsewomen were doing. The departure of Kevin Owens and Neville and the injuries to Sami Zayn and Hideo Itami diminished a lot of the depth the NXT Title picture enjoyed. Finn’s babyface run has been the most steady force the title has had since Neville tweener run in 2014. That said, there’s not much more that can be done with “babyface Finn.” Those who are familiar with his work in New Japan know he can be a tremendous heel. That might be just what the company needs.

As with the Bayley/Asuka match, there is a “will he get called up” aspect to this one as well. There are rumblings that the loser of this match will get promoted to the main roster, which means we may see the debut of Finn Balor on Raw or we may see something many fans thought we never would: Samoa Joe on WWE TV. Joe has been on NXT TV for only a short time. He debuted in May of 2015 as a babyface and for most of his early run he was a bit aimless. When Sami Zayn returned a few months ago, Joe came alive and displayed a fire and intensity to his work that hadn’t been seen since his early TNA years. You could make the argument that Joe has been the best male superstar in NXT for the past few months.

Considering the injuries and the departures NXT has had since this time last year, this is certainly the biggest match we could ask for, even if it is a rematch from December’s Takeover:London special. Despite all the talk that one of these men is leaving, it’s always possible that both stay in NXT. And if that were to happen, considering the fact that it’s a rematch, there’s almost no finish that would be acceptable other than Samoa Joe winning the title. Short of a run-in that lets him save face (and would, certainly turn him face), you pretty much can’t let Joe lose twice in a row. It would kill him as a legit challenger. On the other hand, are Triple H and the NXT higher-ups ready to end the mystique of the Demon? Finn is undefeated when he puts on the paint and a Joe win would end that. On the other hand, if Finn is leaving NXT that’s not a problem…and neither would Joe losing be, if he were leaving.

So once again we have a title match where either finish is acceptable and no one can reasonably predict what’s going to happen. That’s exciting and just how it should be as you head into a major PPV event.

So what’s my guess?


It’s still uncertain if WrestleMania 32 will rise above the flurry of injuries that have plagued WWE over the past few months. It’s still a question if their biggest show of the year, and perhaps ever, can live up to the hype attached to it, after what has certainly been a lackluster buildup. Whatever happens on Sunday , one thing is for certain: WrestleMania weekend is more than a one-show spectacular. The Hall of Fame is always good, R.A.W. is almost always memorable, and now we have something else to fall back on, something else that promises to do more than just be “good enough to belong on WrestleMania weekend” but can and probably will actually steal the weekend all together.

Here’s to Friday night and to NXT taking over!

Excerpt from:

NXT Takeover – Dallas Preview: The show of the year!