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How Much Is Rey Mysterio Asking for Indies?, Bob Backlund's Book Pushed Back Again, Jake Roberts

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How Much Is Rey Mysterio Asking for Indies?, Bob Backlund’s Book Pushed Back Again, Jake Roberts
By Marc Middleton
Feb 28, 2015 – 11:03:26 AM

– Below is more video of Diamond Dallas Page, Jake Roberts and Scott Hall at the Slamdance Film Festival for the premiere of the “Resurrection of Jake the Snake Roberts” documentary:

[embedded content]

– WWE Hall of Famer Bob Backlund’s autobiography has been pushed back for the eighth time. The new release date is August 4th.

– Rey Mysterio is reportedly charging $20,000 per appearance on the indies. There are expected to be several announcements on Rey coming soon. The 4FW promotion in the UK is already advertising Rey for their July 19th event.

Sheamus Return Spoiler, Possible WrestleMania Tag Match, Backstage News on AJ Lee’s WWE Status, Big Rollins Spoiler, Must See New Lana & AJ & Nikki Photos, New GIFs & Galleries, More


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How Much Is Rey Mysterio Asking for Indies?, Bob Backlund's Book Pushed Back Again, Jake Roberts

[AppleTell] Good Technology report: iOS continues to win back share from Android

Among other key findings in the tenth quarterly Good Technology Mobility Index Report, covering Q4 2014 and released today, is that Apple’s iOS continues to win back share from Android. Riding the momentum of last fall’s iPhone 6’s launch, iOS share increased from 69% in Q3 to 73% of activations in Q4.

The report notes that Samsung leads among Android devices, taking most of the top spots, and that the iOS and Android platforms both saw smaller model phones outpacing larger models. In the enterprise, the iPhone 6 continued to prove more popular than the iPhone 6 Plus, and Android’s Samsung S4 Mini proved more popular than models of the Galaxy S4 and S5.

Secure browser activations nearly tripled quarter-over-quarter, activations increased by 197% quarter-over-quarter and was up by tenfold year-over-year, and secure instant messaging activations grew by 900% in 2014, with activations increasing by 131% quarter-over-quarter and ninefold year-over-year.

Good Technology also finds that as enterprises are mobilizing content and apps, they are also fortifying their cyber resiliency with accelerated activations of secure mobile apps, which grew 65 percent during the fourth quarter and 300 percent during the year.

The report notes that recent cyber attacks are illustrating the catastrophic damage that can be done at both private and public sector organizations. Examples include cyber extortion at a large Hollywood studio, the hacking of U.S. Central Command Agency’s Twitter account, network intrusion of one of the world’s largest healthcare organizations in the U.S., and a massive breach across 30 banks in over 100 countries.

With the rapid ascent of these attacks, businesses of all sizes are investing in and activating mobile apps that have been designed for security from the inside out. Topping the list of most activated apps this quarter is secure mobile browsing, which saw a 197% quarter-over-quarter increase and was the most activated app, increasing tenfold during 2014. Many employees use traditional browsers on mobile devices, which can expose them to malicious code or scripts that unknowingly redirect to malicious web sites. A secure browser reduces that risk on mobile devices, where traditional anti-malware and firewall solutions are typically not in place.

Secure instant messaging also exhibited a 131% increase during the quarter and a 9x increase throughout the year, striking a balance for employees who are turning to instant messaging as a popular alternative over email, while enterprises look to enable more instantaneous communication without exposing sensitive data.

“One of the biggest challenges CEOs and boards are facing today is understanding how to best mitigate cyber risks,” said

[AppleTell] New versions of Tweetbot coming to iOS and Mac

by on February 28, 2015 at 10:09 am

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TweetbotOne of the highest rated alternatives to the native Twitter app, Tweetbot, is going to get updated very soon. It’s been some time since the application was updated for the iPad and the Mac, but developer Tapbots has shared some updates giving a road map of their plans. It looks like Tweetbot for iPad and Tweetbot for Mac are finally getting the boost they need.

Tweetbot 2.0 for Mac is expected to be fully optimized to use the benefits of iOS Yosemite. This includes an updated UI in line with other Yosemite applications and

Details On Tonight’s WWE Live Events – Toronto, ON, Bridgeport, CT & Tampa, FL

The company holds three events tonight and down below are the complete details.

WWE holds the first live event in Toronto, ON at the Ricoh Coliseum with the following Superstars who are advertised: Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Kane, Bray Wyatt, Chris Jericho, Dean Ambrose & many more.

Here are the matches advertised for the event: Daniel Bryan vs. Kane, Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt & more.

WWE holds the second live event in Bridgeport, CT at the Webster Bank Arena with the following Superstars who are advertised: John Cena, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, Rusev & many more.

Here are the matches advertised for the event: John Cena & Roman Reigns vs. Big Show & Seth Rollins, Jack Swagger vs. Ryback vs. Rusev © in a triple threat U.S title match, Goldust vs. Stardust.

WWE holds an NXT live event in Tampa, FL at the University Area CDC Gymnasium with the following Superstars who are advertised: Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Adrian Neville, Aiden English, Somon Gotch, Blake and Murphy, Charlotte, Sasha Banks and more.

We will have results of these shows later on tonight, so stay tuned for that.

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Details On Tonight’s WWE Live Events – Toronto, ON, Bridgeport, CT & Tampa, FL

Video Highlights From Last Night’s TNA Impact Broadcast

[unable to retrieve full-text content]

In case you missed last night’s edition of TNA Impact, then you can check out highlights from the show:

[In-Car Tech] Why that guy who "fixed" his hybrid battery is in for trouble

Green Tec Auto hybrid battery new cells

A rebuilt hybrid battery pack for the Toyota Camry Hybrid features all new battery cells. (Photo courtesy Green Tec Auto)

A few days ago, we shared a story about a man who potentially avoided a $4,500 hybrid battery pack replacement by doing a repair himself. The VP

Today’s Streaming Content On The WWE Network (2/28)

Here is today’s streaming content on the WWE Network:

6 AM: WWE FastLane 2015 PPV – Get in the Fast Lane on the road to WrestleMania! Roman Reigns battles Daniel Bryan. Sting meets Triple H face-to-face and much more!

9 AM: WWE Beyond The Ring

REQUESTING FLYBY: So How Do I Feel About Wrestlemania XXXI Now?

It’s been a strange week in terms of my wrestling fandom. For the first time in almost a year, I did not stay up til 4am to watch WWE’s monthly pay-per-view offering. Having run a half marathon during the day, I was in no condition to, but I was also slightly underwhelmed by the card and worried about the booking of the Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan feud. I had said on The Right Side Of The Pond that I had got whiplash over how many different angles to the rivalry WWE tried to open up in a three week build. My thought was always that the best way to go with a babyface match was competitive mutual respect, something the Sami Zayn vs. Adrian Neville feud on NXT got absolutely spot on in my view. It concerned me the way that the company appeared to be continually putting Bryan’s popularity up against that of Reigns; while the former Shield man has retained a good deal of his fanbase from the high point of Payback ‘14, particularly among women, children and a small section of adult males who have gone hipster on Bryan, he ultimately was not going to win a pop competition with the American Dragon, and I didn’t understand why the writers kept allowing it to happen when they could have actually enhanced Reigns’ popularity by carefully constructing his segments with Daniel as they did during the awesome tag team turmoil bout on Smackdown a few weeks ago which allowed both men to play to their strengths and look competitive with each other, but also respectful.

After a busy first two days back at work after a holiday, it wasn’t until Tuesday evening that I finally got to see the main event of Fast Lane. Now, this is what may surprise those of you who knew from previous columns that I thought that the Reigns push was being rushed a Wrestlemania too early; I loved the match and by the end, could even love to learn the outcome. In contrast to the feud, which was spotty in execution, the match was executed near perfectly. It was everything you want a babyface match to be, and everything you want a power brawler vs. technician match to be. Let me again state my position on Roman Reigns: I have always been a fan of what he brings to the table. My issue with his work post-Shield was that, partly because of writing and partly because of his draining self confidence, he had lost most of what made him exciting to watch, and he seemed ill suited to the mega push that was triggered by his Rumble win. I was always pulling for the guy to succeed, I just wondered whether he was being set up to fail. Being placed in a match with Daniel Bryan over the number one contendership was one hell of a test, and make no bones about it, he passed with flying colours. That was by far the most confident and accomplished singles performance from Reigns so far, lightyears away from the uncertain, slow paced stinker he wrestled with Orton at Summerslam. If he can channel his work on Sunday night into everything he does from this point forwards, I will feel a lot better about Roman Reigns as a top guy moving forwards.

So why was it such a successful match compared to previous Reigns outings? Well, for one thing, a top ring general like Bryan is a much better opponent than an aging Big Show. I think it became clear within minutes of the match starting that WWE had erred in continually booking Roman against monsters, when he is at his best against quicker workers who can sell his explosive power; remember that even the likes of Wyatt and Harper, against whom Reigns had critical success, are very quick men for their size. Show and Kane, at this point in their careers, are not good opponents for a young, relatively inexperienced powerhouse. The extended feeling out process in the match showed that Reigns could match Bryan tactically in kayfabe, and when the pace picked up, his tilt-a-whirl slam and rolling triple Samoan drops were eye catching counters to the Yes Man’s offense. It helped of course that Daniel Bryan is a bumper par excellence, and that he has as good an understanding of match structure as any talent on the planet right now. Just as Reigns would build up a head of steam, D Bry would cut him off, selling the experience in kayfabe by coming up a spot like the huge kick he used as a counter to the Superman punch. Credit to the Roman Empire for his selling too, both in terms of selling exhaustion and in terms of the submission arsenal of the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

The head of steam the two of them built up in the final ten minutes of the match was really quite incredible as they went toe to toe, big move for big move, mistake for mistake, as they put absolutely everything on the line. From multiple suicide dives, to belly to belly suplexes on the outside, to diving straight into a Superman punch, they began to really invest the crowd. The sequence where the spear was countered into a small package where Bryan rolled out of the kick out to hit the running knee was poetry in motion, and the near fall was thrilling. The hard kicks, puroresu slaps and extended Yes Lock sequence that followed was pretty damned incredible too. It was high drama as only WWE can do, and they allowed Reigns to show huge toughness in breaking out of the submissions with multiple forearm shots and a powerbomb. The finish took me by surprise even though it was obvious, which is a neat trick to accomplish. We were all so sure that there would be some kind of screwy ending to set up a triple threat that the clean win for Reigns took us all by surprise. Not only was it a superb match, the ending, cribbed from Benoit vs Orton in 2004, put the cap in it all. Bryan shaking Roman’s hand in respect and telling him he’d better kick Brock Lesnar’s ass. I loved it.

So following my viewing of the match on Tuesday night, I was actually, for the first time, sold on the idea of Roman Reigns in the main event of Wrestlemania XXXI. What I didn’t understand is why they felt they had to go back to the well on Raw when WWE had achieved exactly what they wanted to achieve, that is, Reigns over with fans and Bryan out of the way. I would not have put D Bry anywhere near Roman on Monday night. The promo where the writers had Bryan bury Reigns only to explain that he finally earned his respect was massively over-egging the pudding. Just as they had managed to get over the split in the crowd, they exposed Reigns to it again! Ridiculous! That one handshake at Fast Lane was perfect, why they felt the need to heavy handedly run the angle again the next evening is utterly beyond me. It was almost as if WWE didn’t trust that the fan base had watched their pay-per-view and felt like they needed everyone to see that show of respect. It smacked of poor writing, though perhaps it had something to do with Lesnar walking out of Raw and needing to quickly fill a segment. I could have also done without them going all Reality Era on the Reigns victory speech where he referred to his “doubters”. It just came across as ungracious. Now, the other thing I had a problem with when I watched the flagship show on Monday was Paul Heyman’s promo, which really doused my new found enthusiasm for the feud before it really got started. Saying Reigns would have defeated the very best of any era in their prime was just a piece of hyperbole too far for me, which brought back out the eye rolling cynic in me. It also illustrates the problem with having Heyman carry all of Lesnar’s feuds on his back; he gets over exposed. As good as he is on the mic, now and again, he will misfire as he did on Monday. I guess we’ll see how the next month goes, but my interest in the main event is still very much in the balance. With Brock’s hair trigger temper, WWE may be walking a dangerous line, creatively speaking.

The problems with part time performers is actually something which is affecting my enjoyment of the Wrestlemania build as a whole. I articulated this poorly on The Right Side Of The Pond last night, but the mini-era of part timers taking up most of the main event time at the Showcase of the Immortals is something I am longing for to end. I am getting sick of the sight of them, and I am getting sick of the patchy builds due to limited dates. Do I need to see The Undertaker put his broken body through hell just to wrestle some kind of redemption match against Bray Wyatt? Can I really put myself through four weeks of a feud which is entirely carried by one person within it? There’s no doubt that Bray is a talented guy, but the direction of the feud alarms me, and it remains to be seen whether the contest will actually benefit the second generation star. As cool as the casket promo was, another 30 days of that will get very old, very quickly. The same applies to Sting and Triple H; the entire thing is being carried by Helmsley’s stick work, and while I find The Game’s insistence that he is defending the company that he loves interesting, it’s pretty difficult to have a rivalry with a guy who shows up for one show every blue moon. Those two matches alone, with elaborate entrances factored in, are likely to take up a huge slice of time. Two matches that I have only a passing interest in, eating up the time of performers that I do want to see.

Ay, there’s the rub, as a certain Danish literary prince once said. This part time era, which worked horribly at the odd numbered Wrestlemanias XXVII and XXIX and very well at the even numbered Wrestlemanias XXVIII and XXX, has prevented the up and coming talent from performing in the kind of feature midcard bouts that added so much to Wrestlemanias of times past. And when you look at a potential Wrestlemania XXXI card and see that the only likely place for Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan is in a hastily thrown together cluster-you-know-what ladder match, you begin to despair. Three of the most over babyfaces in the company with no proper storyline; absolutely absurd. In times past, these sort of performers would have been in non-title matches with a compelling story; Christian vs. Chris Jericho from Wrestlemania XX is always the one which springs to mind for me. I would have been fine with, say, Ambrose winning the battle royal, Ziggler in an Intercontinental Title match with Barrett and Bryan getting a redemption win over a heel Sheamus, but throwing all those guys into the mix in one match smacks of poor planning and limited time to get them all on the card, and it’s all because of WWE’s insistence of milking the part time cow for all it’s worth and allowing main events a ridiculous amount of time each. Bloated match times for the top matches on the card has continually robbed the undercard of its time to shine, and as someone who appreciates a good undercard, that makes me mad. It’s no coincidence that my favourite Wrestlemanias are the epic trilogy that spanned the end of the Attitude Era and the beginning of Ruthless Aggression: Wrestlemanias XVII, XVIII and XIX. Every one of those cards had a fantastic undercard and built through the night to a crescendo of main event matches. The thing that really irks me is that with the incredible roster WWE have right now, they could put on one of the best wrestling shows of all time, but of the new generation of stars, only Rusev, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins are likely to get time in the sun. The tag titles might not even get on the show despite the combined talents of The Usos and The Masters of the WWE Universe. For all the great matches being put on by the exciting developmental talents in NXT, those guys are going to get shafted when they come up, because dinosaurs like Sting and ‘Taker are taking up space on the biggest night of the year.

As it stands, I am interested conclusively in two Wrestlemania matches: Rusev vs Cena and Rollins vs Orton. I am prepared to be convinced by the others, either in the build or on the night, but I am concerned by all of them and annoyed at the lack of something to do for most of the other great full time talents on the roster. It feels like a step backwards from Wrestlemania XXX, when the mixture of part and full time talent felt right and new talent got showcased effectively. I am honestly torn. I want to be positive, as that’s my default mode, but this is all going a bit too Wrestlemania XXVII for comfort. So if Wrestlemania XXXI turns out to be a critical bust, I hope it convinces the higher ups to do something different. So I say this: please WWE, next year, give us a new start. Put on a Wrestlemania that showcases all of your brilliant full time talents. No Jericho, no ‘Taker, no Rock, no Lesnar unless he’s willing to do more dates, no Triple H unless he’s putting over someone new, and definitely no Sting. I want to see Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Rusev, Cesaro and Dolph Ziggler on the marquee without the need to prop them up with the stars of previous eras. I want to see the likes of Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Fin Balor and Adrian Neville make eye catching debuts at the Show of Shows. I want WWE to showcase its future, not its past. Let’s make some new legends.

This is Maverick, requesting flyby.

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REQUESTING FLYBY: So How Do I Feel About Wrestlemania XXXI Now?

Triple H On If He Misses Wrestling Full-Time, Biggest Accomplishment Behind The Scenes, More

WWE COO Triple H recently spoke to USA Today.

On WWE changing from a cast of larger-than-life guys to a more diverse group of athletes: “It’s changed with the world. You can see the differences in the performers in the WWE from the ’70s and what those bodies looked like, to the ’80s and the ’90s with the Hogans and that era, to the Attitude Era, my era… and the bodies [becoming] sleeker, faster, more versatile…. As crossfit has become more mainstream, as parkour has become a part of the vernacular, you see these guys that are able to do amazing things that 20 years ago we would’ve not even been able to think about doing.”

On if he misses wrestling every week and his transition from wrestler to executive: “Yeah, every now and then I’ll hip toss somebody in the board room by accident. I’ll just walk in there and clobber somebody. Old habits die hard. It’s tough — when I first made the transition, Vince [McMahon] was on me about doing it a lot. He felt like I was getting to a point where I could really contribute. I had been doing it behind the scenes a lot for years and he just wanted me to contribute more in that role. It eventually got to a point where I had an injury, spent some time in the office, and it just sort of morphed into me doing it full time and becoming an executive. When you’re used to traveling 250 days a year and then next thing you know you’re in an office every day wearing a suit and tie having meetings. 90 percent of my day is spent doing either creative or things like developing talent or recruiting talent, so that is the stuff that’s very intriguing and stimulating to me and I love doing. I could do without maybe some of the finance meetings.”

On his biggest accomplishment outside the ring: “We didn’t even have a department called ‘talent development’ when I came in. It was a concept that I pitched to Vince, that I said ‘we have talent relations and all this stuff that we do with talent, but we’re not doing anything to develop the future.’ Or very little, I should say. And we started a division called talent development that I just grabbed, and Vince thankfully gave me the freedom and the trust and confidence and ability to be able to create this. I started a process of creating something from nothing, and I just looked at it from the standpoint of ‘if I was 20 years old, and I was trying to make it in the WWE knowing everything I know now, what would I want?’ What would I need? What would make it the easiest for me to get where I needed to be? And then I set about creating that system and designing it. We opened up a little less than 30,000-foot Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, partnered with Full Sail college to produce a TV show with us, and NXT was born. We started a recruiting process where we, rather than sitting and waiting for talent to call us, we were going and finding them. We were starting to find out that people were really interested, but they had no idea. Like how do you go about being a WWE superstar? So we created a system and a format for them to be able to do that.”

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Triple H On If He Misses Wrestling Full-Time, Biggest Accomplishment Behind The Scenes, More

Mr. Ken Anderson Talks About Problems in WWE, Difference Between WWE & TNA, Samoa Joe

Current TNA Impact Wrestling star and former WWE Superstar Mr. Ken Anderson recently spoke to Journey of a Frontman.

On losing his push in WWE: “What happens is when you’re injured, you’re punished for being injured. You get injured because your job is dangerous and they run you five days a week. I was never injured because of stupid things that I did, it was usually at the hands of somebody else. Once I got a bruise on my triceps that was misdiagnosed as a torn triceps. It’s almost like you’re punished for getting injured. When you come back, you’re sort of depushed and somebody else has taken that slot. That’s understandable to a degree, but they can say ‘Here we go, off to the races again’ and they choose not to. Another one of the things that frustrated me was everything that brought me to the dance in the first place, I was told to stop doing all that stuff. ‘Do it this way, don’t do it that way. What you’re doing is wrong.’ I did it on Smackdown for a couple years. Taker, Batista, Rey Mysterio, Bob Holly, Chris Benoit, Kane, Booker T, all those guys loved working with me and had no problems working with me. I went over to RAW and suddenly I don’t know how to work or wrestle or do my thing. I was told don’t do it this way, do it that way. That to me was frustrating because all I wanted to do was entertain.”

On the major difference he noticed with TNA when he signed with them: “They were telling me just the opposite. They said they would put bullet points down on my promos to let me know where they were going with the main story, they told me however I decided to get there was up to me. A lot of times, I would call Paul Heyman and ask him what he would do in this situation. I told him what they had for me and we would talk almost every week. Paul Heyman was responsible for helping me with a lot of the stuff that was coming out of my mouth in the early days at TNA.”

On whether he thinks WWE would sign Samoa Joe: “I think so. I absolutely think it could happen. And I hope it does for him. I hope if it does, he’ll have a good experience there and I hope they’ll treat them well. Joe’s a guy that will stand up for himself too.”

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Mr. Ken Anderson Talks About Problems in WWE, Difference Between WWE & TNA, Samoa Joe