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Interview: Bret Hart

The best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be, Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart is truly one of the greatest wrestlers to ever step foot inside the squared circle.

The 57-year-old from Calgary, Alberta, Canada has won a total of 32 titles throughout his career, and 17 of those were held during his time in WWE and WCW. Hart is a seven-time world champion, having held the WWF Championship on five occasions and the WCW World Heavyweight Title twice. He is also a five-time United States champion, two-time Intercontinental champion, and a three-time Tag Team Champion, twice with his brother-in-law Jim Neidhart and once with Goldberg .

Hart is also a Royal Rumble winner and two-time King of the Ring winner, he has also had many great rivalries with the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels.

We caught up with ‘The Excellence of Execution’ to talk about SummerSlam 92′, his relationship with Shawn Michaels, Owen Hart plus much more.


You grew up with your dad (Stu Hart), and the notorious dungeon, what was it like training in the dungeon with your dad?

The dungeon is kind of hard to explain, I did go down and wrestle with my dad a lot in my lifetime, even as a kid mostly demonstrating. My dad was primarily a submission style wrestler and submissions aren’t necessarily going to come in handy for high school or college wrestling and they weren’t going to come in that handy for the pro wrestling that I would eventually do.

My dad was a different kind of wrestler, more similar to MMA style before MMA came along, he may have been better training those kind of guys. I was basically trained in the dungeon by these two Japanese wrestlers, and I will say it now the Japanese are the best trained wrestlers in the world – they always had the best teachers and the best style, they’re good executers, their executions of moves like power slams and suplexs’ are always done properly with textbook technique but they have very little physiology.

Going to Calgary, I had the privilege of being taught by two phenomenal Japanese wrestlers that were all about technique, it wasn’t about my promos and it wasn’t about bodybuilding, it was all about wrestling and learning how to do it right and learning how to do it safely. I remember learning and learning and learning until I thought I had to learn something else, all I was doing was learning how to fall down, but I remember them telling me that I didn’t have it yet. I thought I had learnt all this bump training but they kept putting me through more bump training for maybe four or five months.

I realised years later that is what probably saved my career, even though I’m pretty beat up and have a lot of injuries from my career – this is why I say to a lot of people if you want to learn wrestling you should watch me because I learn how to break my fall and protect myself in contrast to a Shawn Michaels, Mr. Perfect (Curt Hennig), or Roddy Piper who are three great wrestlers that I watched and saw them take a lot of hard falls and funny falls, Mick Foley being another one. They didn’t have that Japanese training that I did where you broke your fall with your hands and protect yourself by tucking your chin. I got thrown around a lot but safely landed, I think there is a price you pay for all of those falls in wrestling and I’m certainly paying for them now but I have a feeling guys like Shawn and Mick are paying a higher price.

What have you made of Harry Smiths‘ transition from the American style (WWE) of wrestling to the Japanese style (NJPW)?

I think it was a more natural path for him, I think Harry has always been a very solid technical wrestler really going back to when he was like 12-years-old, he could do every move you could think of. He has filled out since he was a kid and he has got better and better, he has always been a stellar very good, solid technical wrestler and the Japanese style suits his style more much like Davey Boy Smiths style years ago than the WWE style.

Harry was never really a flash wrestler, so I think Japan is a better match up for him right now and he is doing well over there in NJPW. I think eventually WWE will come knocking on Harry’s door again and maybe he will go back there and hopefully he’ll bring some credit to his dads reputation.

What was your match against British Bulldog at Wembley Stadium at SummerSlam 1992 like?

That match at SummerSlam 92′ at Wembley Stadium in front of 80,000 plus people against Davey I would say was my defining moment. As far as story telling goes that match had everything, being in the ring that night we could really feel the electricity from the crowd, there was a real 50/50 split from the fans on who they were cheering for. No one really knew who was going to win the match which made it easier for Davey and I to put on a really captivating match.

[embedded content]

Do you think we could see a WWE PPV in the UK in the near future?

I don’t think you will see a WWE PPV over in the UK anytime soon, but I do think you will see one eventually and I think you will see a big one. I think the biggest problem is the time zone, I don’t know how they will get around that or what they will do. I can see them doing it again just because the market is so good over here, there are so many great fans that they will have to deliver something like that, perhaps another SummerSlam but some kind of big event is worthy of being held here and I think that is just a matter of time.

What is your relationship like with the two other people you were in the ring with during the Montreal Screwjob, Shawn Michaels and Earl Hebner?

I always tell people you can’t make peace half way, to make peace with somebody you have to make peace and bury the hatchet or you just keep fighting forever. I made peace with Shawn and we have a good relationship, we text each other every once in a while, he’s a Christian and he has got a family, the wrestling world is a kind of different thing now. We revert back to old memories and sometimes we will send each other funny little messages but we are on decent terms. I’ll never forget what happened that night in Montreal but the reality is I was pretty good friends with Shawn before all the bad blood happened, like I say once you make peace you’ve either got to make peace because you can’t make peace half assed where you still hate somebody and harbour bad feelings, you either have to let go or forget about it and I let go when we made up and I’ve got a good chemistry with Shawn now.

The same can be said with Earl Hebner, I think Earl may have been the biggest victim of that whole screwjob, he got the shitiest deal out of everyone, he got nothing for it and he got kicked around for along time. He got forced into something that was really hard, I don’t know if I would have done anything different to what he did if I was in his position, I probably would have done it different to most guys actually. There are a lot of wrestlers when you put their family and livelihood on the line you can’t blame Earl for taking the position there and doing what he had to do, they really put him in a compromising predicament just before he walked out to the ring. I don’t really have any hard feelings towards Earl, I think it was a lousy thing that they did to him, it was a lousy thing what they did to me but it was lousy thing period.

You’ve been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, you inducted your dad into the WWE Hall of Fame, what were those moments like?

When I was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006 and when I inducted my dad into the Hall of Fame in 2010, they were both tremendous moments that I will never forget.


Do you think we will ever see Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?

I really hope so, both of them should be in. I think that it is just a matter of time, I think WWE has just been waiting for the right time to either approach it with Owen’s widow (Martha) and I don’t know what the final decision is with that. I hate that Owen’s widow has done so much to erase his memory and not keep his memory alive, I find that is an insult to him and his family and all the great things he did for the fans who remember him.

I take exception for all that now and I want to bring as much of Owen back to life for wrestling fans and let them remember what a great person he was and what a great performer he was, and how much fun he was as a wrestler.

Especially coming over to the UK I find it interesting how many fans really loved Owen for his personality and his style of wrestling and all of the little things about him. I miss all of those things about Owen as well and I would like to bring more of that back – there must be troves of video and film of Owen doing things on tour, these are all in a can somewhere and no one is seeing them and I really think that they need to revive the great memories of what Owen did before it’s too far gone, the fans that remember him start to die. It is just awful how Martha erased everything he has done.

[embedded content]

Owen was known as a great ribber, did he ever pull any good pranks on you?

All the time, most of the time the best ribs are the ones where you don’t realise you’ve been ribbed. Owen got me all the time, he was a master of setting you up for something like pulling up at a gas station and he would go in to get a candy bar or something like that whilst you’re popping the gas in the car and he would come out and get in the car and by then you will have gone in to pay for the gas you would get in a big argument with the cashier and tell him off, slam the door and get ready to drive off, but you knew that Owen somehow had set the whole thing up, and provoked this guy to be mad about something.

You realised through time that Owen was a classic, and he would project these things ahead of time. He would know you were going to go in and ask for the keys to the bathroom and he knew that would set the guy off because the key would be missing or whatever. Owen would always have such deep steps, and he knew you would follow that right to heart of the best pranks. I would say this about Owen, he was always the best prankster but all of his pranks were fun, where you would have to look at yourself and go, ‘he got me really good’, and laugh to yourself. I think that is what so many wrestlers especially me miss the most was his flair for delivering those hilarious pranks where you can look at him and go, ‘you little bastard’.

My dad was like that and my mum, and later Owen would prank my mum a lot because we sounded alike on the phone. He would call up and sound like me and my mum would ask if it was Bret or Owen, and he would always say it was Bret. He would always try to get my mum to say something about me that showed I was her favourite and she would get into a thing with him arguing saying this is Owen. He would insist it was Bret and then she would always ask who was your 4th grade teacher and he never knew answer then when I called the first thing she would ask is who was my 4th grade teacher and I’ll tell her and she would be ok to talk to me. It was funny and he was a lot of fun that way.

What is your relationship with Vince McMahon like now?

After the Montreal Screwjob I harboured a lot of anger towards Vince, but after my stroke in 2002 he was one of the first people to call me and ask how I was, and we cleared a lot of air, I’m really grateful for that call. I eventually got to beat him at WrestleMania 26 which I think is a better ending for us. I would say he’s on the very best of terms with me now.

[embedded content]

For more information on Bret you can follow him on Twitter @BretHart and visit his website

MDAPromotions are bringing Ric Flair over to the UK in May 2015 for more information follow them on Twitter @MDAPromotions and visit

Josh Modaberi

Joshua Modaberi graduated from Southampton Solent University in 2010 with a Sports Journalism degree. Currently working as a freelance sports and entertainment journalist he has interviewed many wrestlers including World Champions and Hall of Famers. A lifelong WWE fan who has also enjoyed TNA, WCW, ECW as well as NJPW and AAA. When he’s not supporting Tottenham Hotspur he loves a bit of stand up comedy.

Josh Modaberi
Josh Modaberi

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Interview: Bret Hart

Trainer reveals Tyson torment

Tyson Fury was almost forced to pull out of his rematch with Dereck Chisora due to a virus, but still set up a world title shot with a stoppage victory.

The Manchester heavyweight produced a dominant performance against Chisora, who was rescued by his corner after taking sustained punishment at London’s ExCeL Arena.

The victory could have earned Fury a crack at Wladimir Klitschko’s WBO belt, but his preparations for the crucial clash were severely disrupted when he suffered a chest infection.

A summer fight had already been shelved after Chisora hurt his hand and Fury was determined to press ahead with the rescheduled bout.

“Nobody knows Tyson hadn’t trained for the past three and a half weeks coming into this fight,” said his trainer Peter Fury.

“Tyson had a virus that put him bed-ridden. He’s had flu injections, been up and down to the doctors, I took him to my place and put him in bed for three or four days.

“Last week he started to feel better and two days before this fight he said, ‘listen I feel absolutely okay’.

“There was talk at one time of pulling this fight but we have to be on death’s door to pull a fight.”

The 38-year-old Klitschko holds three of the world titles and has not been beaten for over 10 years, but the Fury camp are confident that he can compete with the division’s best.

“Tyson will bring back a world title for Britain,” said his uncle Peter. “The thing with Tyson Fury is you don’t know who is turning up.

“That’s why he has a big advantage – how can you prepare for someone like him? He’s able to switch his tactics up, he’s got that much potential.”

“I don’t think anyone thought Tyson Fury could do what he’s done to a fighter like Chisora.

“Tyson is majorly talented and people need to wake up. Just because he’s 6ft 9, looks a bit clumsy now and then, goes in swinging when he hasn’t got his trainer in the corner – Tyson is a serious threat on a world level.”

Promoter Frank Warren revealed how he urged Chisora’s corner to act after Fury piled on more punches in the 10th round.

“I told (Chisora’s trainer) Don Charles to stop the fight,” Warren said.

“He was nine rounds behind at that stage and it didn’t look like he was going to knock him out. What was the point? The punishment he was taking to try get his shots off was not somewhere I wanted him to be.”

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Trainer reveals Tyson torment

Saunders: Eubank must shut up

Billy Joe Saunders hopes to have silenced his rival Chris Eubank Jr after a narrow points win.

A war of words raged between the two middleweights ahead of Saturday’s enthralling clash, which saw Saunders edge the early rounds with his work rate before Eubank Jr staged a determined late assault.

One judge rewarded the Brighton man’s efforts with a score of 116-113, but the two remaining judges handed tallies of 115-114 and 115-113 to the champion, who celebrated with British, Commonwealth and European belts at London’s ExCel Arena.

“All grudge matches are big fights,” said Saunders. “Whoever loses, they have to shut up. After all the talking up, he’s lost so he has to shut his mouth, get to the back of the queue now and fight whoever he wants. That’s done.”

The Hatfield man had vowed to quit the sport if he suffered defeat, but remains on track for a possible world title shot next year.

“This was a big, big fight. I’ve got big things ahead of me,” he said. “He’s at the back now, he’s forgotten about.


“I’ve put the pressure on myself – people ask me why I said I would retire if I lost. It’s because if he beats me, am I going to be world champion?

“Fighters like him shouldn’t be beating me.”

The unbeaten 25-year-old expects to land a shot at the winner after Andy Lee battles Matt Korobov for the vacant WBO belt next month in Las Vegas.

“Since I’ve been in boxing all I’ve wanted to be is world champion,” Saunders said. “Good luck to whoever wins out of Korobov and Lee.

“It’s not about who I want to win, it’s who deserves it. You have to go with Koborov, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Lee takes him.

“Lee has very good range and I think Koborov living in Russia, going to America, he’s got a few quid and a bit of fame – maybe he’s taken his eye off the ball a bit.”


Saunders: Eubank must shut up

Fury halts Chisora in rematch

Tyson Fury pounded Dereck Chisora to a halt in the 10th round as he won their heavyweight rematch in dominant fashion.

The 26-year-old Wilmslow man had won their first meeting on points in 2011, but the return bout was a far more one-sided affair with Fury dictating the fight from the opening bell at the ExCel Arena in London.

Fury set the tone with a busy jab in the first round, ramming his favoured weapon through the defences of Chisora. A right hand knocked the Finchley man briefly off balance as he plodded through a cluster of punches.

Brimming with confidence, Fury switched to southpaw in the second, lashing his confused foe with left hands, but Chisora finally answered with a trademark looping hook in the third.

These crude attacks were failing to unsettle Fury, who continued to alter his stance, wobbling Chisora with a left hook in the fourth round.

WWE Spoilers: Chairs Match announced for WWE TLC

Cassidy is a long-time wrestling fan, having watched professional wrestling from the age of 6. Strictly a fan of the WWE, Cassidy has been contributing to Wrestling 101 as a writer and editor for more than 5 years, specializing in WWE show reports. When he is not watching wrestling, Cassidy spends his free time gaming, as well as watching and uploading YouTube videos.

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WWE Spoilers: Chairs Match announced for WWE TLC

WWE SmackDown Results: November 28, 2014



Five nights after Survivor Series, the 797th edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown came to you from the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne, IN. At Survivor Series this past Sunday, interference from the debuting Sting and the unreal resiliency of Dolph Ziggler would lead to a Team Cena victory over Team Authority and, as a result, Triple H & Stephanie McMahon are no longer in charge of WWE. One man who is more ecstatic than most about The Authority losing their power is former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan, who made his surprise return to WWE this past Monday night on RAW to run the show and, as part of the deal, the leader of the “Yes” movement would also be in charge of this week’s SmackDown! What will WWE’s most popular Superstar have in store for SmackDown?

The Survivor Series name never had more of an appropriate meaning than it did for Dolph Ziggler on Sunday night as “The Show-Off” survived a series of events that should have ended the match for Team Cena, but Ziggler survived everything that Team Authority, not to mention Triple H, had to throw at him and Dolph emerged as the sole survivor of Team Cena. In what has been a landmark week in the career of Dolph Ziggler, “The Show-Off” would get the opportunity to regain what was unceremoniously taken from him on last week’s RAW as, per the orders of Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler would challenge Luke Harper for the Intercontinental Championship!

While the WWE debut of Sting and the triumphant victory by Team Cena may have overshadowed the moment at Survivor Series, no one has forgotten about the giant betrayal during the crucial Survivor Series main event where Big Show turned his back on his team by knocking John Cena out and walking out on the match. After trying to explain himself on RAW, Big Show showed his true colors as the angry giant condemned the fans for judging him and daring any Superstar in the back to come out and tell him he’s a traitor. This would lead to Erick Rowan taking “The World’s Largest Athlete” to task, claiming that he doesn’t like “bullies” and, on SmackDown, new WWE Tag Team Champions The Miz & Damien Mizdow would host The Miz’s signature talk show segment, Miz TV, and their special guest would be none other than Big Show.

Match Results

  • United States Championship: 20-Man Battle Royal: Rusev (c) (with Lana) def. Jack Swagger (with Zeb Colter), Cesaro, Tyson Kidd, Jey Uso, Titus O’Neil, Jimmy Uso, Gold & Stardust, Damien Mizdow, The Miz, Erick Rowan, Big Show, Los Matadores, Adam Rose, Curtis Axel, Heath Slater, Sin Cara, & Justin Gabriel to retain.
  • Non-Title: Nikki Bella (with Brie Bella) def. Emma by pin following the Rack Attack.
  • Ryback def. Seth Rollins (with J&J Security) by DQ after Kane enters the ring.
  • 6-Man Tag: The New Day def. Curtis Axel, Heath Slater, & Titus O’Neil by Xavier Woods pinning Heath Slater following the double Big Ending by Big E & Xavier Woods.
  • Intercontinental Championship: Dolph Ziggler def. Luke Harper (c) by count-out. As a result, Luke Harper (c) retains.

See page 2 for detailed results.

Pages: 1 2


Cassidy is a long-time wrestling fan, having watched professional wrestling from the age of 6. Strictly a fan of the WWE, Cassidy has been contributing to Wrestling 101 as a writer and editor for more than 5 years, specializing in WWE show reports. When he is not watching wrestling, Cassidy spends his free time gaming, as well as watching and uploading YouTube videos.


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WWE SmackDown Results: November 28, 2014

NXT Recap: November 27th 2014

NXT continues to steam on towards Takeover 3: R Evolution, and whilst the spotlight has focused in on the NXT Championship match between Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn, tonight shines a light on the other feuds heading into the live special. On a day where America displays their gratitude to all they are thankful for, for me, getting to report on NXT every week has proven to be a reward in itself. In the main event, Finn Balor competes in his first singles match since debuting in NXT against Tyson Kidd. Kidd is looking to make the newcomer humble after he burst onto the scene, and after suffering defeat in a tag team match two weeks ago, will be desperate to avenge that loss.

The NXT Tag Team Champions are also in action, as the Lucha Dragons take on Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger to warm up for their title defense against the Vaudevillains in two weeks. Bayley looks to call out another competitor that will be in championship action at Takeover, Sasha Banks, for the way she and Becky Lynch have been singling her out for abuse.

On the remainder of the card, Tyler Breeze competes against Marcus Louis, and Carmella looks to continue her unbeaten start to her NXT career against “Blue Pants” Leva Bates.

Quick Results

  • Tyler Breeze defeats Marcus Louis
  • Carmella defeats Leva Bates
  • The Lucha Dragons defeats Jason Jordan & Tye Dillinger
  • Finn Balor defeats Tyson Kidd (DQ)

[embedded content]

Tyler Breeze vs. Marcus Louis

The opening match of the night sees Tyler Breeze in action. Prince Pretty’s appearances have been fairly sporadic since he fell away from the championship picture, but it’s always a pleasure to see him compete. Yet, his opponent would be considered to have a look completely opposite from the glamorous Breeze. Marcus Louis, the former Legionnaire, has been keen to avoid showing his face in the last few months due to losing his hair as a result of the cowardice of former partner Sylvester Lefort. His head utterly devoid of hair, Louis’s look is the exact inverse of the model appearance that Breeze exudes.

Louis approaches the ring, a towel covering his bare scalp from the world watching. Breeze however wastes little time going for the jugular, grabbing the microphone and berating his “uggo” opponent. He looks almost on the verge of projectile vomiting when he compares Louis to Gollum from Lord of the Rings, much to the amusement of the crowd. Breeze then pulls the towel away, exposing Louis’s baldness to the entire audience, before berating his hideous appearance with little remorse or tact. After screaming at Louis that nobody will ever love a freak like him, Louis stares into the distance, only to be caught by the Beauty Shot, earning Breeze a win. As the model departs in celebration, Louis stomps up the ramp in frustration, screaming at the crowd in sheer fury.

Whilst this can in no way be considered a true “match”, there were a lot of good things about this segment. Pairing up a man who places such importance on looks in Breeze against the tarnished Louis is a great strategy, and no disrespect to the Frenchman, but Breeze should continue to be pushed. His promo was the correct mixture of humor and nefarious taunting of his opponent, and finishing him off when Louis was distracted and upset just adds to Breeze’s heel nature. So, the match may have been a bust, but as a spectacle it ticked quite a few boxes. It would be nice to see Breeze have some more extended matches though, as he has been having far too many of these squashes for my liking.

WWE Survivor Series 2014: Eliminating matches to find the sole survivor

Survivor Series 2014 provided an event filled with ups and downs, largely rescued from obscurity by two matches at either end of the night. It had a great deal of hype surrounding it, despite being another PPV not to feature a WWE Championship match or appearance of Brock Lesnar. But what it did feature was a moment of wrestling history, as Sting, the former WCW and TNA star, finally stepped into a WWE ring for the first time. What would the Stinger have planned, and how would he affect the biggest match of the night, as Team Cena took on Team Authority where the stakes couldn’t be higher. Vince McMahon had decided to put pressure on the Authority by putting their jobs on the line in this elimination match, and Triple H responded by stating

NXT Live Coverage, Results, And Your Feedback

Welcome to our Live NXT Party. Please enter your ongoing feedback of tonight’s show in the ‘Comments’ section below.

Our live coverage will begin shortly…

Follow Sean Ross Sapp on Twitter at @SeanRossSapp. Got a news tip or correction? Send it to us by clicking here.

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NXT Live Coverage, Results, And Your Feedback

​CM Punk Says WWE Tried To Ban Him & Alberto Del Rio From Signing With The UFC – Audio Inside

  • Birthdate:
    10/26/1978 (age 36)
  • Height:
  • Weight:
    218 Ib

He was titled in the WWE as “the longest-reigni…

Read More »

UPDATE x 3: During an extremely candid, two-hour long “shoot interview” on pro wrestler Colt Cabana’s “Art Of Wrestling” podcast, former WWE Superstar CM Punk (Phil Brooks), famed MMA enthusiast let loose on a number of very controversial subjects, where UFC eventually became part of the conversation.

After talking for well over an hour where he explained all of the issues that ultimately led to his WWE departure, which was revealed during the interview was actually a situation where Punk was fired by the company on the day of his wedding to his wife, current WWE Diva AJ Lee (April Jeanette Mendez), Punk spoke about the final moments he shared with the company as an active employee.

Punk recalled saying his final goodbye to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon after a heated behind-the-scenes meeting that resulted in him exiting the company.

“Here’s Vince McMahon who wants to hug me goodbye and has tears in his eyes and he’s like, ‘oh, we’re family,’” said Punk. “And then he f*cking fires me on my wedding day.”

The former WWE Superstar known to his legion of wrestling fans as “The Best in the World” would go on to discuss a legal letter he received from WWE after the two sides parted ways professionally.

“The letter was ridiculous,” said Punk. “It was like, ‘Your contract is terminated. You forefit all of your royalty rights [and] you’re in breach of contract as of January 27th.’”

Also read: MUST-READ – ​CM Punk Tells The Real Story Why He’s Gone From WWE

While Punk isn’t a lawyer by trade, he knew something didn’t sound right about that.

“Which, I’m not even a f*cking lawyer and I know you can’t claim retro-breach, you know what I mean,” said Punk. “If I was in breach of contract on January 27th, [on] January 28th they would have to be like, ‘You’re in breach of contract. We’re not giving you your royalties.’”

To Punk, that wouldn’t of been a big deal.

“And I would’ve been like, ‘Great, fine,’” said Punk.

From there, “The Best in the World” shed some light on a legal matter that many in the MMA community might find ammusing — or disheartening — depending on your expectations of CM Punk as a potential future professional MMA fighter.

UPDATE x 2: Here is the COMPLETE AUDIO of CM Punk appearing on Colt Cabana’s podcast where he reveals why he left/was fired from WWE and shoots on numerous talents including Vince McMahon, Triple H, Ryback and others:

[embedded content]

UPDATE: CM Punk was particularly critical of WWE doctor Chris Amann in his appearance on the Colt Cabana podcast. In it, Punk said Amann misdiagnosed and ignored a MERSA staph infection on his back for months and that the first doctor Punk went to after leaving WWE was stunned to hear that Punk wrestled with the infection for months, going as far as to say he could have died from it. You can read our full recap of CM Punk’s stunning comments on the website.

Amann’s Twitter handle is @WWEDocAmann. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan and went to medical school at Loyola University. He was also a physician for the U.S. during the 2008 Olympics.

Amann said the following to WWE Magazine about leaving his practice in Chicago and joining WWE in 2008.

“Quite honestly, I wasn’t looking to leave the medical practice I’d built up pretty strong back in Chicago. But I had the opportunity to send WWE my résumé, and I did. A couple of weeks later, I went out for an interview at a TV taping in Albany. I got a chance to see what went on behind the scenes and speak with the staff, learn the requirements. I was intrigued about having the chance to develop their sports-medicine program not to mention the job sounded like a bunch of fun. So I left my practice to join up with WWE.”

ORIGINAL: CM Punk was a guest on Colt Cabana’s “Art of Wrestling” podcast and went into detail about why he left WWE. The podcast is available at Highlights of the appearance are below, but note that Punk went into extreme detail in describing his departure from WWE and everything that happened, so it’s well worth listening to.

– Punk said that he never quit WWE, but that he was fired. Punk left WWE in January. A few weeks after that, Vince McMahon informed him via text that he was suspended for two months. After the suspension ended, nobody from WWE ever contacted him. Punk eventually reached out to WWE about royalties he felt were owed to him, and said WWE gave him the run-around before eventually sending him termination papers. The papers said he was fired due to breaching his contract on his wedding day, so he was officially fired in June 2014. WWE decided to use his wedding in June 2014 as the reason…

Read this article –

​CM Punk Says WWE Tried To Ban Him & Alberto Del Rio From Signing With The UFC – Audio Inside