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WWE RAW Results: June 30, 2014

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One night after a history-making Money-in-the-Bank, the 1101st edition of WWE Monday Night RAW came to you, live, from the XL Center in Hartford, CT. At Money-in-the-Bank, it was John Cena who would survive the brutal WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match, outlasting Bray Wyatt, Cesaro, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, Roman Reigns, and the combined efforts of Kane and Randy Orton to retrieve the title belts and become the brand new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, much to the chagrin of The Authority! Now that “The Champ” is back, what challenges await the now fifteen-time World Champion?

One challenge that will no doubt await new WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena is Seth Rollins, who, with a major assist from Kane, would win the Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match, earning himself a guaranteed shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship whenever he wants it. With “Mr. Money-in-the-Bank” firmly in the back pocket of The Authority, will Triple H & Stephanie McMahon seek to utilize Seth Rollins as their weapon to end John Cena’s reign as champion?

Match Results

  • Seth Rollins def. Rob Van Dam by pin following the Curb Stomp.
  • 6-Man Tag: The Wyatt Family def. Sheamus & The Usos by Luke Harper pinning Uso following the Discus Clothesline.
  • 2-on-1 Handicap Match: The Funkadactyls def. Nikki Bella by Naomi pinning Nikki Bella following the reverse DDT.
  • Kofi Kingston def. Cesaro (with Paul Heyman) by roll-up.
  • The Great Khali def. Damien Sandow by pin following the Khali Chop.
  • Dolph Ziggler (with Summer Rae) def. Fandango (with Layla) by pin following the Zig Zag.
  • Goldust & Stardust def. RybAxel by Stardust pinning Curtis Axel following a modified STO.
  • Divas Championship: AJ Lee def. Paige (c) by roll-up to win the Divas Title.
  • John Cena & Roman Reigns def. Randy Orton & Kane by DQ after Kane uses the steel steps.

Detailed Results

One night after a disappointing night for The Authority as John Cena survived the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match to become the brand new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, RAW kicks off with The Authority as WWE COO Triple H & WWE Principal Owner Stephanie McMahon come to the ring with smiles on their faces. Stephanie says they are “privileged” to be out there tonight to celebrate the Money-in-the-Bank pay-per-view, saying that they are in the business of “making history”, not “living in the past”. Stephanie then says that Money-in-the-Bank saw Seth Rollins emerge as “Mr. Money-in-the-Bank”, earning himself a guaranteed shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Triple H then says that, for the first time ever, an eight-man ladder match determined a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion at Money-in-the-Bank. The COO then calls the new champion and “A+ player” before introducing the now fifteen-time World Champion as the brand new WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena makes his way to the ring. The Authority applauds “The Champ” before handing him a microphone and Cena says that The Authority may not give Daniel Bryan an opportunity to regain the title that he was never defeated for, but he will give Bryan his shot when Bryan is able to compete. Stephanie then makes the unexpected announcement that, in commemoration of John Cena’s 15th reign as World Champion, John Cena will adorn the cover of the WWE 2K15 video game! However, John Cena is suspicious of The Authority’s glee over the new champion, saying that they had a very different demeanor at Money-in-the-Bank when he won the title. Stephanie claims that they were concerned for Randy Orton’s well-being after getting busted open during the match. Cena then says that he knows that The Authority’s smiles are “phony” because Triple H & Stephanie know that they cannot “control” him.

Triple H says that it does not bother him that John Cena is the champion as long as Cena shows some “respect”, telling Cena that he can do things the “easy way” or he can do things the “hard way”. The champion says that, if the “easy way” is having to be a “stooge” for The Authority, then he will do things the “hard way”. The COO says that he would have been “disappointed” if Cena had not chosen the hard way before Triple H gives the new champion the “hard way”, announcing that, at Battleground, John Cena will defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a Fatal 4-Way Match! Cena then asks about his opponents and Triple H says that Cena will face two of his Battleground challengers here tonight on RAW when John Cena faces Randy Orton and Kane and Cena’s partner will be the third challenger in the Fatal 4-Way, Roman Reigns! Triple H then tells John Cena to enjoy his reign as champion and Cena responds, saying that, if he survives Battleground as champion, then he will have “earned” it. Cena then comments that defending the title in a Fatal 4-Way Match is almost as tough as having to “swim in a pool of crap”, referring to Stephanie’s run-in with Vickie Guerrero last week. The WWE World Heavyweight Champion then exits the ring, but Triple H halts the champion on the staging area, telling John Cena that, even if Cena survives the Fatal 4-Way Match at Battleground as the champion, there is always a “plan B”. With that, the reigning “Mr. Money-in-the-Bank”, Seth Rollins, comes out to the stage, standing next to Cena and looking at the briefcase before walking to the ring, not even looking at the champion.

After a huge assist from Kane allowed him to win the Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match to earn himself a guaranteed title shot at any time he wants it, the new “Mr. Money-in-the-Bank” was in action on RAW as Seth Rollins went one-on-one with one of the men he defeated in the Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match, Rob Van Dam. Despite both men’s injured states stemming from Money-in-the-Bank, it was Seth Rollins who would emerge victorious, hitting the Curb Stomp on RVD en route to picking up the win. After the match, an interview with Seth Rollins is interrupted by Dean Ambrose, who appears on the Tron, telling Rollins that he’s not even upset about what happened at Money-in-the-Bank. Ambrose says that he likes it better this way, telling Rollins that he is going to “haunt” the Money-in-the-Bank holder, saying that, every time that Rollins tries to cash in, he is going to make sure that it “blows up” in Rollins’ face.

Fresh off of his victory over Big E at Money-in-the-Bank, “The Super Athlete” Rusev & Lana would appear on RAW. After Lana runs down America in favor of Russia, Jack Swagger comes down to the ring with Zeb Colter in tow. Zeb says that he is sick of Rusev & Lana coming down there week-after-week running down America, telling the two of them to “please shut the hell up”! Colter continues, saying that the reason that Lana is allowed to speak her mind is because of the Freedom of Speech and he has something to say. Zeb then says that their country of Russia would not allow them to say their “pack of lies”, saying that he knows something that can stop Rusev and that is a “Real American” in Jack Swagger! Colter then asks everyone in the crowd to stand up and proclaim, “We The People”, which every fan in attendance does. Rusev and Swagger then appear ready to fight, but Lana holds Rusev back. However, after Lana exits the ring, Rusev takes a run at Swagger, but Swagger snaps off two big arm drags on “The Super Athlete”, sending Rusev out of the ring and into a rage.

Money-in-the-Bank opponents would square off in 6-Man Tag action on RAW as United States Champion Sheamus would team with WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos to face all three members of The Wyatt Family. In the end, it was Luke Harper leveling one of The Usos with the Discus Clothesline en route to picking up the win for The Wyatt Family.

The self-proclaimed “inspirational” Bo Dallas would appear on RAW, asking for sixty seconds of silence for two great Superstars who are physically unable compete, Bad News Barrett and Daniel Bryan. Bo then takes a knee on the stage in his signature Tim Tebow stance and, after the sixty seconds, Bo Dallas rises up, saying that he was the “bigger man” on the Money-in-the-Bank Kickoff when he was told, “Bo, leave” by the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

In a match made by WWE Principal Owner Stephanie McMahon, Nikki Bella would be forced to face both of The Funkadactyls, Naomi & Cameron, in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match. In the end, it was a quick win for The Funkadactyls as Naomi hits the reverse DDT on Nikki Bella, pinning Nikki for the win. After the match, Cameron would get in Naomi’s face and both Divas would shove each other before Cameron storms out of the ring.

The major announcement was made on RAW that, this past Friday night on SmackDown, Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett suffered a separated shoulder and will be out of action for several months. As a result, the Intercontinental Championship has been vacated and a new Intercontinental Champion will be determined via a battle royal, which will take place at Battleground.

Two of the participants in the battle royal to crown a new Intercontinental Champion at Battleground were in action on RAW as “The King of Swing” Cesaro, with Paul Heyman in his corner, would go one-on-one with Kofi Kingston. During a commercial break, Kofi Kingston would defeat Cesaro and, after the match, Cesaro would assault Kofi Kingston on the outside. Cesaro would hit Kofi with the European uppercut before tossing him into the steel steps and over the announce table. “The King of Swing” then picks Kingston up and hurls him over the ringside barricade to the concrete floor! Cesaro continues the assault, following Kofi into the crowd and dragging Kingston back to the ringside area. Cesaro then grabs the arms of Kofi, repeatedly pulling Kingston chest-first into the steel ring post before leveling Kofi with a huge clothesline on the floor.

The crowd in Hartford was on their feet when they heard the unmistakable entrance theme of WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon. However, the fans would get Damien Sandow, who proclaims himself to be “Vincent Kennedy McMahondow”, saying that he recognizes great talent like Hulk Hogan, Triple H, & Stone Cold Steve Austin. The faux Chairman then says that another great talent who the fans are too “ignorant” to appreciate, Damien Sandow, saying that Sandow will be a part of the Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal. However, an irate Stephanie McMahon appears on the Tron, saying that Mr. McMahon has built WWE by “toppling giants” and Sandow will have a chance to do the same when he faces a giant of a different sort, who will also be in the Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal, The Great Khali! In a lightning quick victory, The Great Khali would hit one Khali Chop on Damien Sandow, pinning Sandow for the win.

With rumors swirling all day that a former WWE Champion and a cross-platform, multi-media Superstar would be returning to WWE on RAW, it was time for the grand return to take place. However, the cross-platform, multi-media Superstar that is also a former WWE Champion was not the man that everyone had expected as the star of The Marine 4, The Miz, makes his return to WWE. The Miz says that he’s “back”, saying that the cross-branded, multi-media Superstar they were expecting is back. The Miz continues, saying that he has been gone for four months filming the upcoming movie, The Marine 4: Moving Target, and he was tempted to stay in Hollywood because agents and directors were “begging” him to stay to “perfect the art of acting” and that, if he left WWE behind, he could become Hollywood’s “biggest movie star”. The Miz then says that they must be wondering why he is back and Miz says that he is back because of the fans, saying that the fans do not see him as the “A-list talent” that he truly is and they take him “for granted”. The Miz continues, saying that they are “all wrong” and he is the “A-lister” that can do anything and everything he wants to do and he is not leaving WWE until they show him the “admiration” and the “respect” that he deserves and he is not going to leave until they are all on their knees begging him not to go.

The XL Center then comes unglued with the arrival of a true multi-media Superstar as the six-time former World Champion and the first Undisputed Champion in WWE history, the one and only “Y2J” Chris Jericho makes his return to WWE! After the ovation for Chris Jericho finally dies down, The Miz asks Chris Jericho what he is doing out there, but when Jericho doesn’t respond, The Miz asks if he is “2012 Chris Jericho”, who doesn’t speak for three weeks. Jericho then takes off his light-up jacket as The Miz tells Jericho that he is a “movie star” and a “box office draw”. Having heard enough from The Miz, Chris Jericho shuts The Miz up with the Codebreaker! Chris Jericho then grabs the microphone and says that felt good before proclaiming that “RAW is Jericho”! However, Jericho’s return to WWE is quickly spoiled with the arrival of The Wyatt Family as Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, & Erick Rowan appear in the ring, cornering Chris Jericho. Jericho then tries to get the first shot in on Bray Wyatt, but Luke Harper & Erick Rowan attack as Rowan hits the splash in the corner, followed be a vicious clothesline from Luke Harper. Bray Wyatt then picks Jericho up, planting Y2J with the Sister Abigail before kneeling at the side of Chris Jericho, telling everyone to “follow the buzzards”.

“The Show-Off” was in action on RAW as Dolph Ziggler went one-on-one with Fandango, with Layla in his corner. During the match, Fandango would take a time-out from the match to kiss Layla. Shortly after this, Summer Rae would make her way to the ring, making sure that Fandango is looking before she plants a big kiss on Dolph Ziggler! Ziggler then reciprocates the kiss in a big way! A confused Summer Rae then leaves the ring, leaving a confused and heart-broken Fandango and Dolph Ziggler would take advantage, hitting the Zig Zag on Fandango en route to picking up the win.

In a rematch from Money-in-the-Bank, “The Brothers of Bizarre” Goldust & Stardust would face RybAxel in tag team action on RAW. In the end, it was another victory for the gold and black clad brothers as Stardust hits a modified STO on Curtis Axel en route to picking up the win for himself and Goldust.

Fresh off a successful title defense against Naomi at Money-in-the-Bank, Divas Champion Paige would make an appearance on RAW. Paige says that she is a woman of few words because she usually lets her “actions” do the talking, saying that a lot of people thought that she didn’t deserve to be the Divas Champion. Paige continues, saying that she has proven that she deserves to be here and she is there to stay. The fans in Hartford were then in for another big surprise as, for the first time in three months, AJ Lee would skip her way onto RAW as the longest reigning Divas Champion in history makes her way to the ring! AJ says that she just wanted to come out there and tell Paige that she is right, saying that Paige proved her and everyone else “wrong”. AJ says that, even though she was the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time, she should not have rubbed it in everyone’s face. AJ continues, saying that Paige gave her the “slap of reality” that she needed and that she just wanted to “return the favor”, congratulating Paige on her reign as Divas Champion. Paige says that AJ is doing the same thing that she did the night after WrestleMania, but she will not make the “same mistake” that AJ did, saying that she is sure that no one wants to see her defend the Divas Title here tonight. AJ suggests that they let the fans decide, asking the fans if they want to see a championship rematch right now with the fans overwhelmingly cheering the idea and Paige reluctantly agrees to the title match!

After three months away from WWE, AJ Lee would cash in her rematch for the Divas Title on RAW, challenging Paige for the Divas Championship in an impromptu match! Despite what Paige said moments earlier, she made the exact same mistake that AJ Lee made the night after WrestleMania as AJ would surprise Paige with a small package, scoring the quick three-count to win the Divas Title!

With WWE COO Triple H at ringside, it was then time for the main event as, four weeks before they face off in a Fatal 4-Way Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Battleground, new WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena would team with Roman Reigns to face “The Viper” Randy Orton and “The Devil’s Favorite Demon” Kane. During the match, Randy Orton would hit the RKO on John Cena before Roman Reigns hits the Superman Punch on Kane. Orton and Reigns then square off, brawling all the way to the back, leaving only Cena and Kane in the match. Kane would immediately set his sights on destroying the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, blasting Cena in the face with the steel steps and, as Triple H looks on approvingly, “The Devil’s Favorite Demon” rolls the champion back into the ring, picking Cena up and spiking “The Champ” with the Tombstone Piledriver! Triple H then gets in the ring as WWE’s ringside physician checks on John Cena. Triple H then kneels next to Cena, checking to make sure that Cena was completely out of it before signaling for Seth Rollins, who rushes to the ring with the Money-in-the-Bank briefcase in his hand and a referee in tow! Rollins then hands the briefcase to the referee and, with Triple H and Kane threatening the referee, the official was just about to start the match when Dean Ambrose hits the ring, attacking Seth Rollins! Having ruined the cash-in, Ambrose continues to fight Rollins through the crowd as Ambrose just barely escapes Kane. Kane then enters the ring with a steel chair as Triple H gets on the ring apron with the Money-in-the-Bank briefcase in his hand. Before Triple H could reveal his “plan B”, Roman Reigns would return to the ring, taking Kane out with the Spear! Triple H is then left staring into the defiant eyes of Roman Reigns, but after a long stare-down, Triple H backs off, dropping off of the apron, but never losing eye contact with Roman Reigns.

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