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Smith denied Abraham rematch


Paul Smith: No Abraham rematch for dejected British fighter

Paul Smith: No Abraham rematch for dejected British fighter

The WBO has denied Paul Smith the chance of an immediate rematch with super-middleweight champion Arthur Abraham.

Smith was beaten on points by the German last month in Kiel but the one-sided nature of the result came in for widespread criticism.

The Liverpool boxer pushed Abraham all the way but the veteran kept hold of his belt, scores of 117-111, 117-111 and 119-109 causing outrage from supporters and pundits alike after what was seen to be a relatively close match.

Both Martin Murray and Nathan Cleverly had Paul Smith’s WBO Super-middleweight title fight with Arthur Abraham a lot closer than the judges had it.

A probe into the scoring was ordered by the WBO, who have been public in their criticism of official Fernando Laguna for his 11 rounds to one verdict, deeming it to be ‘outrageous’.

Smith’s promoter Eddie Hearn wanted Smith to be lodged as mandatory challenger for Abraham’s belt but his appeal has been rejected.

Paul Smith gave the fight of his life but was beaten by WBO Super-Middleweight Champion Arthur Abraham on a dubious point’s decision in Kiel, Germany.

A series of tweets from WBO president Paco Valcarcel read: “Resolution on #AbrahamSmith to be notified on Monday. Rematch petition is DENIED. What caused controversy was margin of scores, not result.

“Furthermore, due to @PaulSmithJnr‘s inspired performance Championship Committee recommends he retain his Top 5 position in the WBO Rankings.

“More on #AbrahamSmith, we are the first ones to condemn scoring of this fight, particularly Laguna’s outrageous 119-109 for Abraham card.”

Since learning of the verdict Smith has vowed he will earn a rematch with Abraham in the ring.

He said on Twitter: “Gutted that the WBO aren’t making a straight rematch. I do believe I’ll get the rematch voluntarily, though. I’ve proved I belong up here.”

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Smith denied Abraham rematch

MR. TITO STRIKES BACK – Did the Internet Just SAVE Randy Orton’s WWE Career?


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Randy Orton… If you didn’t know it, you’d think that Randy Orton was as old as John Cena based on the way that Cena and Orton were brought to the main WWE roster during 2002 from the Ohio Valley Wrestling developmental system. However, John Cena is 37 years old and possibly to the shock of many, Randy Orton is 3 years younger at 34 years old. That’s right, Orton won the World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam 2004 at the tender age of 24.

But it feels like Randy Orton has been wrestling FOREVER… Since 2004, Orton has 12 World Titles in the WWE and has consistently been pushed as a top wrestler alongside John Cena. Unlike John Cena, however, Orton has struggled when he was on shows without John Cena as a draw. Worse yet, Orton never had that big WWE moment. I still insist that his loss to Triple H was extremely toxic to his career at Wrestlemania 25. The fact is that many cannot point to a big win that Randy Orton has on a big name aside from his many matches against John Cena. The fact that Triple H owned him throughout the 2000′s was a big problem to his career and he didn’t have the Wrestlemania moment, like Batista, that he could point to that was career defining. John Cena, in contrast, has huge wins over JBL, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels that helped boost his career.

Now, Randy Orton‘s career is in limbo even at the age of 34. He has been a stooge for the Authority for the past year after years of playing a very robotic babyface. As much as the WWE attempts to book Randy Orton strong, it’s hard to deny that other wrestlers are beginning to outshine him. Take, for instance, another Authority member in Seth Rollins… He’s fresh, has a great personality, and hasn’t been 12 time World Champion to burn out fans.

Reportedly, the WWE desires to turn Randy Orton as babyface again. Yikes… Here we go again as we could repeat the same robotic babyface seen throughout the early 2010′s.

Unless the WWE observes what the Internet is doing with Randy Orton’s RKO finisher… Please watch the following video:

[embedded content]

As prepared by YouTube user SteveOzzi, he has been editing various accident videos in which people fall to the ground hard with Randy Orton delivering his finisher, the RKO. Better yet, SteveOzzi has created animation of Randy Orton sneaking up on the fallen and he has inserted WWE commentary, namely Michael Cole with some Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler mixed in. SteveOzzi especially uses the announcers saying “RKO OUT OF NO WHERE!!”. The videos are freakin’ hilarious and have put tears in my eyes from laughing at their creativity.

The views for SteveOzzi’s individual RKO videos and especially the “hot” compilation videos have been through the roof with several compilation videos now in the MILLIONS. Holy cow… And we’re just over a week into this!

If there was ever a road map for fixing the Randy Orton character, take a cue from the Internet. The “RKO OUT OF NO WHERE” needs to occur in the WWE immediately and Michael Cole/Jerry Lawler/JBL need to go bonkers when it happens. Embrace the gift that the Internet has given you, WWE… The fact is that Randy Orton has the BEST finisher in pro wrestling right now. It’s an effective finisher that drills you into the canvas face-first unlike say John Cena’s Attitude Adjustment which resembles a bodyslam too much. Orton’s ability to nail it out of multiple variations effectively helps increase the effectiveness of the finisher. This Ace Crusher like finisher helped get Diamond Dallas Page over and even with all of the character flaws, the RKO probably keeps Orton stronger at the top than maybe he should be.

The set-up is extremely easy… John Cena vs. Randy Orton is a match booked for the Hell in a Cell Pay Per View. Something controversial has to happen to Orton to cause him the lose, say a referee bump. Orton is so furious about the finish that he snaps and begins attacking anybody and everybody backstage with RKOs out of no where. For example, Zack Ryder could be looking at his Smartphone and then BAM, RKO out of no where! Have this go on for weeks, if not months, until the ultimate moment arrives when Triple H/Stephanie start to question Orton’s recent behavior. Then, when the moment is right, RKO out of no where on the Authority members. Thus, Orton is turned babyface…

Push that RKO finisher HARD as if it’s the absolute strongest finisher in the company. Run up a winning streak with Randy Orton where he racks up many clean wins due to that unstoppable and possibly unblockable finisher.

Where the WWE Creative Team has gone wrong, besides the 12 freakin’ World Title reigns in which many of them were brief reigns, is on Orton’s character. They’ve always tried to book him as being diabolical and yet it does nothing for him as an in-ring performer. No big wins, lack of “Match of the Year” candidates, and he’s not strong enough as an individual draw to carry the company by himself. The RKO has just been his finisher even though Randy Orton, himself, has worked on how to make that move look effective. You cannot deny Orton’s in-ring ability. The guy is super talented. The problem is his character and psychology. Fans don’t connect to the guy because he can be very emotionless in the ring and is often booked to be inconsistent in strength.

Yet, look at those YouTube RKO videos… After hitting the RKO, SteveOzzi has animated celebrations after hitting the move. Why can’t Randy Orton go bonkers after hitting the RKO? He should be in complete awe of hitting that move to finish off a bigtime wrestler.

Call me crazy, but I believe that Randy Orton is the ONLY wrestler who could possibly look credible against Brock Lesnar in the WWE. I’m serious when I say that and I’ve been Tweeting this for a while now. Why? Randy Orton has 3 moves that I believe can legitimately hurt anyone. Obviously, his finisher – the RKO. I can believe that move can knock out Brock Lesnar. Lesnar tries a German Suplex and BAM, RKO out of no where! But the second move is that DDT where Orton drags the wrestler through the 2nd and 3rd ropes. That DDT through the ropes looks like a concussion inducing move but that’s the talent of Randy Orton. The wrestlers are safe and Orton has little history of injurying anyone. Finally, you have the Punt Kick which the WWE has used to build heat with various wrestler. Nothing like a kick to the skull to beat a former UFC Champion.

Especially if this YouTube momentum can get going, I would be in favor of Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31. In my opinion, it would be a far better match than seeing Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar. For Lesnar, you need credibility and Reigns doesn’t have it. By Wrestlemania 31, Reigns could still be recovering from his injury and shaking off the ring rust. But Reigns struggled before the injury to look credible. Rather, the WWE could build Roman Reigns towards a huge SummerSlam 2014 victory instead and maybe give us a match against his former Shield members. Orton vs. Lesnar could be a big deal and I believe that Orton’s stiff character could actually look strong against Brock Lesnar. Then, he hits a few RKOs out of no where on Brock Lesnar and it weakens Lesnar enough to force selling by Lesnar to create a great match. If booked well, it could be a serious contender for “Match of the Year” for 2015.

Isn’t it fascinating how much LUCK occurs in pro wrestling? Hulk Hogan landed a movie role in Rocky 3 which allowed him to become the top wrestling star for the next 15 years. Where would Steve Austin be if he didn’t wrestle Jake “the Snake” Roberts at King of the Ring 1996? Jake Roberts’s bible thumping for his character prompted Austin to cut his famous “Austin 3:16″ promo that began the momentum. How about Mick Foley randomly pulling out Mr. Socko in a hospital room scene with Vince McMahon? How about John Cena dressing up for the Halloween 2002 special of Smackdown that led to the rapper gimmick? What about CM Punk being granted freedom to cut a scathing promo about the WWE before Night of Champions 2011? For Daniel Bryan, he had Michigan State fans chanting “YES!” loudly during halftime of a basketball game and that caused WWE to rebook his character. Better yet with Daniel Bryan, CM Punk quit and Bryan took his Wrestlemania 30 spot against Triple H.

Certainly, the talent eventually rises to the top… Hogan, Austin, Foley, Cena, Punk, and Bryan probably would have made it anyway. But LUCK helps. In my opinion, I don’t think Randy Orton has had any lucky moments which caused fans to become attached to him. Instead, all of his pushes have been artificial for the most part and it has led to a ridiculous 12 World Title reigns in 10 years. What does he have to show for it?

WWE should take advantage of the Internet meme that might be growing and growing… Randy Orton is only 34 years old and should still have many peak years left. But the issue is character and connecting with fans. Now, through comedy from the internet, he has been given a golden opportunity to finally connect with fans… And maybe, just maybe, become that Main Event draw that the WWE has insisted he always has been.

Seriously, who doesn’t want to see Randy Orton deliver an RKO to a Giraffe?!?

[embedded content]


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MR. TITO STRIKES BACK – Did the Internet Just SAVE Randy Orton’s WWE Career?

WWE Live Event Results From Montreal (10/17): Ambrose Teams With Ziggler, Zayn Makes Big Save


Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader WHforever for sending in these results for tonight’s WWE live event in Montreal, QC, Canada:

* R-Truth def The Miz (w/ Mizdow). Damien Sandow was pretty over. After the loss, Sandow berated the fans and called out anyone to challenge them.

* The Great Khali defeated Damien Sandow in a quick squash match.

* NXT Champion Adrian Neville defeated Sami Zayn. Sami Zayn came out to a big response and received thunderous ‘OLE’ chants. He proceeded to talk about how his first time in the Centre Bell was Survivor Series 1997 in the nosebleeds and that he was back the very same building last night when the Montreal Canadiens defeated the Boston Bruins. That received a huge pop and a great ‘GO Habs Go’ chant. The match was absolutely fantastic and had an engaged audience on the edge of their seats! Neville was loudly booed throughout but that didn’t matter as he retained his championship.

* Natalya (who received a loud ovation) and Naomi defeated Cameron and Layla. The match was given a solid 8-10 minutes and was interesting enough.

* Stardust and Goldust defeated The Usos. The crowd got a bit restless during this time, but it was a solid match.

* Mark Henry defeated Rusev via DQ. Rusev, and particularly, Lana, were well received, as was Mark Henry. A standard match from the two big men, but it didn’t fail to get the crowd going.

* Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose defeated Randy Orton and Kane in a Tag Team Street Fight. A solid match that was spurned on by a really hot crowd. Ambrose was red hot and Ziggler played his role perfectly.

After the match, all hell broke lose and some “heels” like Stardust and Goldust came out to help the Authority members beat up the two heroes. The Usos came out to stop them. Followed by Miz and Sandow, and so on, until Sami Zayn came out and the place went absolutely nuts as he helped the babyfaces clear the ring and land his signature high-risk spots. His theme song came on as the crowd Ole’d and sang their way native son home!

A fantastic house show that really illustrated once again why Montreal needs more televised and PPV events.

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WWE Live Event Results From Montreal (10/17): Ambrose Teams With Ziggler, Zayn Makes Big Save

[In-Car Tech] 2015 Mustang recalled? Play with the Mustang App instead


Ford Mustang Tweddle Mustang Owner App Screenshot

The Mustang Owner app is available on both Android and iOS platforms and provides Mustang owners with detailed information about the car’s features and capabilities, according to Ford. Making use of an augmented reality feature, app users will be able to scan various interior and exterior shots of the new Ford Mustang to learn more about the function of components and other details, the automaker said.

I saw a few hours ago that Ford had recalled a few Mustangs for a seat belt issue. If you were one of the unlucky few — there were only in the neighborhood of 50 Ford Mustangs recalled — then maybe you can play with the new Mustang App by Ford and Tweddle to keep your mind occupied with all things Mustang while you wait to get the recall fixed.

A press release from Ford said the Motor Company teamed with developers at Tweddle to come up with the new Mustang Owner app, which is available on iOS and Android

[In-Car Tech] Heavily modded Ford F-150 trucks seek SEMA superlatives


by on October 18, 2014 at 12:45 am

Sections: Aftermarket, Chassis, Features, Installations, Powertrain

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A pair of heavily modified Ford F-150 trucks will be gunning for the Hottest Truck award at SEMA 2014 — an award the F-150 has won four years in a row, according to the automaker.

A Ford press release said there are two particular Ford F-150 trucks leading the charge for the Blue Oval:

  • Ford F-150 Deegan 38 SEMA show truck press photo

    The Ford F-150 Deegan 38 concept will be shown at SEMA in Las Vegas this November. (Photo courtesy Ford Motor Company)

    Deegan 38, a jacked-up Ford F-150 featuring an EcoBoost 3.5-liter V6 twin-turbocharged engine, Fox Racing shocks, KC Hilites, a custom wrap, Mickey Thompson performance tires and wheels, a custom sound system by Rockford Fosgate, and custom ECM tuning by ProEFI and SCT.

[In-Car Tech] Mitsubishi partners with The Color Run in Philly this weekend


Mitsubishi and The Color Run.

Mitsubishi and The Color Run.

Call it apathy, but we typically don’t do stuff like this in NYC with all of the happiness

Doctor’s Orders: Starrcade vs. WrestleMania (Part 1: The NWA Fights Back)


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Annually, wrestling fans flock back to WWE’s product in droves during a time of the year that has affectionately become known as “WrestleMania Season.” From the hype for the Royal Rumble all the way to the stadium-held extravaganza in late March/early April, we expect the best. After all, the most memorable and enduring moments in most of our respective fan histories are WrestleMania-related. Yet, I want to take you back to a different era, when Mania was a sports entertainment brand in its infancy and when there was another event that could lay claim to the title of professional wrestling’s “Granddaddy of ‘em All.”

The history has been well-documented: Vince McMahon bought his father’s northeastern territory, known currently around the world as WWE, and started an aggressive expansion campaign. The gold standard in pro wrestling before then had been the National Wrestling Alliance. WWE was once part of that organization before splitting off in 1963. In the territory days, the NWA was the governing body that kept everyone organized and unified. The story of McMahon breaking down those traditional walls is famous, but the reality is that the nationalization of pro wrestling actually began in the 1970s when Georgia Championship Wrestling’s television show got bumped to a country-wide broadcast after Ted Turner’s TBS Superstation became available to cable TV providers across the United States.

To make a long story short, Georgia’s TV deal was a good asset for the NWA, but the person that seemed to have the greatest foresight into what such exposure could do for a wrestling company was Vince. Timing is everything. Maybe if Georgia Championship Wrestling been the primary home of the top champion of the 1970s, Harley Race, then things might have been different. Perhaps a larger push would have been made to take advantage of that attention on an ever-growing platform like cable television; I don’t know. As it were, Race was the gem of the St. Louis/Kansas City territory. In such cases where multiple companies are involved, the stars typically align for one to emerge as the dominant entity. We know how things worked out in WWE’s favor.

Vince McMahon was so successful because he had the ability to think big. He grew up in an area ripe with sports franchises like the Yankees, whose popularity went far beyond the confines of their city. He believed if he could get his product in front of the masses and beyond his territory, then he could make WWE the pro wrestling equivalent. Cable TV enabled the possibility of growing a national brand out of a regional fanbase. “There were wrestling fiefdoms all over the country, each with its own little lord in charge,” McMahon once said. “Each little lord respected the rights of his neighboring little lord. No takeovers or raids were allowed. There were maybe 30 of these tiny kingdoms in the U.S. and if I hadn’t bought out my dad, there would still be 30 of them, fragmented and struggling. I, of course, had no allegiance to those little lords.”

The sporting side of sports entertainment dictated that someone had to lose and it was ultimately Vince’s competition that came up short, but McMahon’s ruthless aggression in the 1980s did come back to bite him in the rear a decade later. Just about every modern wrestling historian glorifies the Monday Night War that was basically a by-product of all the history that started because of cable TV’s relationship with pro wrestling starting in the 1970s. There is a phenomenal series on the WWE Network about WCW’s Nitro backing WWE into a corner that they had to fight like hell to escape, ultimately landing the counterpunches necessary to deliver the knockout blow. We love our underdog tales, don’t we? Because it was WWE that survived, though, you rarely hear about the struggles and triumphs of the other side of the war – particularly the battles that took place in the 1980s.

Born from those somewhat forgotten battles was the original super card – what we know today as a pay-per-view – Starrcade ’83. Starrcade was a landmark event held for the first time on Thanksgiving night, November 24, 1983 – nearly a year-and-a-half before the inaugural WrestleMania in March 1985. It was the initial attempt at creating wrestling’s Super Bowl.

Most WWE material, concerning their quest for global wrestling domination, quickly skips over the National Wrestling Alliance in the 1980s. Jim Crockett Promotions (JCP) was the wing of the NWA that was best prepared to fight back against Vince. While most of the regional promoters around the age of Verne Gagne (of AWA fame) hemmed and hawed like a bunch of codgers, young Jim Crockett (not yet 40 years old in the early 1980s) looked across his talent-rich Mid-Atlantic territory and saw that, with a few more pieces from around the rest of the NWA, he could compete with Vince (one year younger than Crockett). Before Ted Turner bought JCP in the late ‘80s, the wrestling war was between two young and confident promoters who had grown up in the wrestling business.

Starrcade ’83: A Flare for the Gold was one of the reasons why the NWA, which Turner eventually renamed WCW, lasted long enough for there to be a Monday Night War. It has been said by some of the old school members of the wrestling fraternity that there were many WrestleManias before the first WrestleMania. That’s just not true. The only thing resembling the scope of WrestleMania before March 1985 was Starrcade ’83 and Starrcade ’84. The original Starrcade may not have pioneered the concept of creating a card featuring a lot of big names, but it was the show that originated the format of the special attraction event as we’ve come to know it. Starrcade was held in front of a sold-out crowd in Greensboro, North Carolina – 16,000 people paid a combined $500,000. It drew tens of thousands of additional ticket sales on closed-circuit television throughout the southeast. If that reads familiar, it is because WWE did the same thing with WrestleMania some 18 months later.

We learned during the Monday Night War that there was a difference in Vince’s recognition of a fly vs. a gnat, if you will. When a gnat was buzzing somewhere near his vicinity, he ignored it. Most of what Vince’s competition did in the 1980s was a gnat hardly worth a response. However, if a fly flew in his face, he would take notice and get out his swatter. Starrcade was a horse fly. Harley Race was the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, at the time, set to pass the torch at Starrcade to Ric Flair in what would become one of the Nature Boy’s greatest triumphs. Flair vs. Race was NWA’s Hogan vs. Andre. Their storyline throughout the second half of 1983, which led to a Cage match at Starrcade, featured a $25,000 bounty offered by Race to anyone who would purposefully injure Flair (Bob Orton, Randy’s father, was one of the two men to cash in). Even in hindsight, it was a phenomenal feud. Vince, understanding the significance of the event and that it was happening under a different promoter’s watch, attempted to lure Race to his camp that fall.

“There’s times when you’ve got to make a decision when it comes from what you truthfully believe,” Race told fans during a forum several years ago. “I had too much respect for myself, not only Ric and the wrestling business, but me personally, to pull that.” Flair, with Race at the same forum, added that, “Had the NWA title not come to Greensboro, it would have changed the face of the business and it would never ever [have become] what it is today.”

Race would eventually cave and join McMahon’s WWE for a moderately successful twilight run, but he stayed the course for the NWA when it needed him most. I have conversed with many fans over the years that found the Flair vs. Race Steel Cage match to be overrated. I urge you to watch it again with all of the above in mind. Flair was Crockett’s main reason to feel like he had a shot against WWE. He just needed a set-up for his success. Naitch would go onto have dozens of classics that critically trumped his historic title win over Harley, but he arguably never had a more important match. For Flair, it was like Austin going over Michaels at WrestleMania XIV; the quality did not matter so much as the moment did.

Starrcade ’83 represented the stark contrast that defined the early rivalry between NWA and WWE. It was a gritty production devoid of the glitz and glam that WWE made the focal point of the first WrestleMania. Throughout the night, a young Tony Schiavone conducted interviews from the backstage dressing rooms; a relative novelty at the time. Hall of Famer, Gordon Solie, provided the sort of commentary for the matches that inspired Jim Ross to become the greatest announcer of our generation. Technical difficulties got the better of the broadcast, at times. The early card featured the sorts of wrestlers that adhered to the “wrasslin’” stereotype (overweight, old, balding). It was a mixed bag of a show, but it shined brightly during its top three matches. WrestleMania reviews in modern times struggle to find something that stands the test of the last three decades. I would imagine that if you watched Starrcade ’83 right now, you would thoroughly enjoy the main-event and two headlining matches.

At WrestleMania, the general consensus was that, outside of the main-event’s spectacle, the most enduring match on the card was Ricky Steamboat vs. Matt Bourne (who eventually became Doink the Clown). It did not, however, have any match even close to the quality of Ricky Steamboat’s contribution to Starrcade ’83. Steamboat teamed with Jay Youngblood, a talented young star cut from a similar mold as “The Dragon,” to challenge NWA World Tag Team Champions out of the Midwest territory, Jack and Jerry Briscoe. The importance of in-ring quality to historical comparisons should be a greater point of emphasis, as it cannot be disputed that putting “asses in seats” is only half the battle – the other half is about putting on a show that makes people invest future time, energy, and money into coming back again.

“A great match…I had sat in that entrance watching that match and I had to go out and perform and follow it,” said Ric Flair on The Essential Starrcade of Steamboat/Youngblood vs. The Briscoes. Jack was a former NWA World Champion in the latter stages of his career, but it would be well worth your while to see him wrestle two young studs. He was an incredibly fluid grappler, though not quite as animated as his brother. You may remember Jerry as one of the Corporation’s “Stooges” during the Attitude Era. 15 years prior, he was still going strong, wrestling his tail off and carrying the heel side of the Starrcade match. Steamboat and Youngblood were expectantly awesome. “The Dragon” arguably stole the show for the first of many times on such grand stages.

I will leave the result a mystery, as a little unpredictability might aid your viewing of what I’d consider to be a strong candidate for the best match on that card – a telling statement given the competition, which also included the famous Dog Collar match between Roddy Piper and Greg Valentine. The intensely personal rivalry over the United States Championship forced Piper and Valentine into a gimmick befitting the rabid nature of the story they were going to tell. It was quite a sight to see two men standing in opposite corners of the ring with a huge chain attached to the dog collars latched around each of their necks. This was no bull rope or leather strap; it was a rather large steel chain and they liberally used it to beat the hell out of each other. There was an amazing camera shot that showed the ring from above with buckets of their blood staining the mat.

Starrcade was a major feather in the NWA’s cap. With the quality of the top matches, it could not have been considered anything less than a critical success. It also allowed Crockett to beat McMahon to the punch in creating the first super card of its kind. “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes publicly challenged the winner of the World Heavyweight Championship match that night, so the NWA also had its main-event for a second Starrcade in the works before Vince could ever launch the first in his WrestleMania franchise. If the National Wrestling Alliance was going down, Starrcade proved that it was not going down without a fight.

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Doctor’s Orders: Starrcade vs. WrestleMania (Part 1: The NWA Fights Back)

​TNA Reportedly Downplaying The Rumors That Kurt Angle Has Re-Signed – Find Out The Reason Why


Source: The Wrestling Observer

According to sources, TNA is trying to keep reports of Kurt Angle re-signing with the company down. The idea is that when he comes back it will be a “big surprise”.

Also read: Major Update On Kurt Angle To WWE – He’s Telling Friends He Was Offered A WWE Deal & More

According to a source, this is not what they’re likely telling their TV partners, but they are trying to make Angle’s return (assuming he does re-sign, which is said to be likely) a “big shock.”

Source –

​TNA Reportedly Downplaying The Rumors That Kurt Angle Has Re-Signed – Find Out The Reason Why

WWE Officially Confirms Hulk Hogan’s Return On Monday’s RAW, Ric Flair Likely As Well?, Details


  • Birthdate:
    08/11/1953 (age 61)
  • Height:
  • Weight:
    302 Ib

Hogan enjoyed mainstream popularity in the 1980…

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WWE is now advertising Hulk Hogan for Monday’s episode of RAW, which is set for the Sprint Center in Kansas City.

Also read: ​WWE Hall Of Famer Hulk Hogan Reportedly Scheduled For Next Week’s WWE RAW Broadcast

As previously reported, Hogan was set to be at the show already but there had been no confirmation that he would be appearing on TV.

As of last word, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair was also expected to be back at next Monday’s RAW. There is no word as of this writing on if he will appear on TV.

As previously reported, Flair was backstage at this past Monday’s RAW broadcast but did not appear live. Flair did record some material for WWE.com and the WWE Network.


WWE Officially Confirms Hulk Hogan’s Return On Monday’s RAW, Ric Flair Likely As Well?, Details

​Backstage News On "Stone Cold" Steve Austin’s Likely Return To WWE & Plans For Him, & More News


  • Birthdate:
    12/18/1964 (age 49)
  • Height:
  • Weight:
    252 Ib

Steve Austin gained significant mainstream popu…

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Source: The Wrestling Observer

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin will reportedly begin working with WWE again in 2015, with a more prominent role. WWE is working on plans for Austin starting next year, but nobody knows what the plans actually are. They are going to promote his podcast and sell more Austin merchandise.

Also read: Steve Austin To Wrestle At WrestleMania 31?, Backstage News & Updates Inside Here

However, he’s still very unlikely to wrestle at WrestleMania 31.

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​Backstage News On "Stone Cold" Steve Austin’s Likely Return To WWE & Plans For Him, & More News